No Constitution Should Be Done When The Church Is Still In Division- GOSPEC Leader, Farinmade

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Rev. Jacob Farinmade is not new to those Celestial members who were aware of events of the 90s, many people believed GOSPEC was another fraction in Celestial Church of Christ then. When one of their devotees, Snr. Evang. Omolewa Jeremiah popularly called Baba Imole was a shepherd at CCC Oluwa Olubukun, Transmission Parish, Abule Egba, the clergy maintained a solid relationship with God via constant studying of the word of God, and his effort in impacting the members with the WORD. This was in 1993/94.

So, I remembered he told us then that GOSPEC was part of CCC but CCC was not part of GOSPEC.

According to the founder of the GOSPEC Mission, Baba Farinmade, he said, “GOSPEC is the divine name of the spiritual and glorified Christ Jesus: manifesting via functions of the end-time dispensation of grace of God , as depicted in CCC Hymns 216!

The clergy, reacting to an article on #CNO about the constitution the authority at Ketu is planning to put in good shape, said, “Let me say it categorically and emphatically that CCC, being a peculiar Church of Christ- in administration, in organization, in reformation, in rejuvenation and in formation of ideas and concepts of growth with functioning, it is outright carnal reprobate, foolish, and of great delusion to receive advice from the flesh or to think that we members have right to specify or discern the ‘new constitution’ . Otherwise, human intrusion, digressive human wisdom, and many wrong errors would be created in it and it shall be more calamitous in future. Besides, no such action should be done when the church is still in division, disarray, and in tumult, even when some of you are claiming things are alright in your reproach. Let us wait until the God of Celestial intervenes. He owns, He guides, He dictates what and when event can be established.”

How we wish we could have a tete-a-tete discussion with the esteemed so we can take him on a wide range of issues concerning Celestial Church’s tenets and of course his transition from CCC to GOSPEC.

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8 responses to “No Constitution Should Be Done When The Church Is Still In Division- GOSPEC Leader, Farinmade”

  1. Jacob Farinmade says:

    hello Mr Omotoso I’m sure that more of Gods goodness will come your way and as for the phone number the digits are wrong but if you wish to call me this is my number 08066976361

  2. Omotola Omotosho says:

    Hello people of God! Thanks so much for the beautiful work you doing. Please I’ll like to send a message to Baba Jacob Farinmade, he prayed a lot for me to get my visa to London but I think he changed the number I knew and I’ve been trying to get him. Please if could anyone pass this message to him. My phone is 0793 009 1296 and my name is Thanks very much. Olujomimo onifiwa sile o, Amin. So sorry to have use this space for this, just to get him to show my appreciation. Thanks so much!

  3. Superior Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    It would appear to me that Baba Farinmade and others who have responded to the article are not aware that we already have a draft new constitution in existence. It is a very beautiful piece of intellectual and spiritual masterpiece that it will do our church a lot of good to adopt. MVSE (General) Opaleye and his team were used by God to prepare this new ‘Tablet of Stone’ for CCC. It was financially supported by all the major factions in the Church. That is Unity! GOSPEC may not be aware of this. Two different High Court rulings said the church needed to amend its constitution. Amendment also includes rewriting the entire document. I will send you a copy of the draft constitution if you send a request to: Do not try to print it as it is nearly 300 hundred pages of A4 sheets. Its in 3 sections. If you are very conversant with the Blue Book, move on to sections 2 and 3 where the new innovations are set out. Pay scale for different ranks of church workers, qualifications before you can be a church worker, retirement age, training etc. The draft was sent to us in the UK nearly 2 years ago to review it and add any materials that would make it universally applicable, worldwide. I have submitted a report to Baba Opaleye of the UK Diocese consultations. However, misinformation and subterfuge has prevented the BOT from registering the document. I have written extensively elsewhere the myopic and selfish reasons why I believe this tome has been consigned to the dusty cupboards of Ketu. I am very confident that with Baba Banjo looking over the document it would be adopted by the BOT and registered at the CAC. It is not if, but when. It is a court order that must be complied with before anything can be done to harmonise the administration and appointments in our beloved Church. Let us all support it. Read it first.

  4. Foluso Onasanya says:

    The comment of this man is reasonable,so let set asides the wrong he has committed in the past.To be sensible with this man comments cosigning the constitution amendment,it is restructuring through the Holy spirit? or man made wisdom? I will be happy if the elders have looked beyond and the result this amendment will bring in the future,whether confusion or real change?Papa left with us a good legacy which he collected directly from God.It is time now when everyone of us must pray and work for the unity of the Church.Let raise our voice may be they can reason with us.Let us leave this baba farinmade because he knows his contribution in these divisions.What is the legacy these elders want to leave?Confusion or Constitution?Let the anointed elders by God of Osoffa work for the utity not unreasonable project.Olorun Osoffa a gbe wa o.Ijo mimo ko ni baje.

  5. Omo Cele says:

    The comment of this man is reasonable,so let us set aside the wrong he has committed in the past.If we want to be sensible,this so called constitution committee whether they have looked beyond the present and the outcome of this project?.Are restructuring by the spirit of God?or man made wisdom.Osoffa left with us a good legacy.These so called elders,what are leaving?Confusion or Constitution?I don’t support Baba because most of them know their contribution in these divisions.But let us raise our voice may be they can reason with us.Ijo Mimi ko in baje at I wipe Olorun Osoffa yio so di okan.

  6. Oluseyi says:

    I hope Alagba Farinmade has removed d stone he asked people to be touching with their forehead (bowing).
    And stop snatching ur worshippers wives from them. K’o o to fi lace curtain ran aso.
    You should not even talk about CCC. You are one of d greatest enemy of CCC, And you will all lick d dust and sand.

  7. Observer says:

    Are you not part of the division sir?

  8. Observer says:

    Who are you to talk sir?

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