No Legs, No Hand Yet She Is Happy And Thankful (Photo)

March 28, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 2 Comments »

How many of us look back to say Thank You God for what He has done? We humans tend to forget one fact that Thanking God all the time is the sure way to receive enormously from Him. King Solomon did that with a thousand rams and God gave him a blank cheque to ask for whatever he wanted.

We should be thanking God in all situations that we might have found ourselves. The good and the bad times, the blessings and the lessons in everything, just Thank God for the gift of life. The picture of this lady tells it all, she has no legs and just one hand yet she beams with smiles because she’s thanking God for the gift of life and endless grace…

For us at #CNO, we Thank God for everything. He blessed us when we were yet clots in our mothers’ womb and till this day we are still experiencing His grace and mercy despite many attacks both spiritual and physical from the pull-him-down syndromes and enemies of progress.

Have you thanked Him today?

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2 responses to “No Legs, No Hand Yet She Is Happy And Thankful (Photo)”

  1. Most Snr. Evang.Doherty Oladunjoye. says:

    Thank you Lord,thank you Lord, thank you Lord….!

  2. Pelumi says:

    God! Where I have been unfaithful, I am sorry. Thanks Papa for everything

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