Could It Be That There Are No Real Prophets In Celestial Church Anymore?

May 26, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / 14 Comments »

Some people still don’t believe CCC is the last boat of salvation…some people don’t even believe in the calling of our late founder, Papa SBJ Oshoffa that’s why they say CCC members are cultists, herbalist etc. This goes to all those shepherds and prophets out there.

If you know you have been called truly by God, please let God use you Himself  and not the other way round…It’s not all shepherds that are prophets and the fact that you are a shepherd doesn’t guarantee you to misuse the opportunity you have been given by the one who sent you.

CCC is a spiritual church and we should endeavor to worship God in honesty and in truth. Our prophets should stop confusing the youth with their wrong messages. So many youth shepherds nowadays (all in the name of Emi sope kin gba Ise Oluwa) have missed it. Some are even getting an anoitment they don’t deserve as long as they can part with some amount of money that will derail your entrance to the Kingdome of God.

Note please, if you have been given a message to work for God, you can be an Onibode, a chorister or a church cleaner. They are all part of working for God. You carrying the armour of God and still patronize your herbalists to get power to woo girls or perform Enerkinesis magic to aid the work of God. If you are one of those, kindly don’t call yourself a Celestial Church member, you are of the Satan and no darkness can mingle with light.

So many fake prophets out there tarnishing the image of our great church with the words of their mouth, their character and all deeds…I pray the Lord won’t forsake us. Those who have been forsaken by God are living corpses. ..Our God is a merciful and compassionate God, it’s not too late to retrace your steps and come back to God alone.

Whatever you misuse, you lose it. Psalm 51:11 says, “Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy Holy Spirit from me…” Some people will tell you those days when they were giving correct messages, what about now? Could it be that there are no real prophets in Celestial Church anymore! What happened to that anointing of those days?

They have fallen at one point in their journey and have been replaced, their anointing has dried off and the Lord has forsaken them…I pray we don’t lose favor in the sight of God and may the spirit and anointing of God continue to overflow in our lives in Jesus name.

-Fayomi Busola (Tolu Lope)

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14 responses to “Could It Be That There Are No Real Prophets In Celestial Church Anymore?”

  1. Emem Ojo says:

    And May God Honour you for Blessing Celestial News Online press , your comments are highly appreciated

  2. Babafemi says:

    Or better still have you met with Snr evangelist Adeoye,. He is a true evangelist and a prophet. If you have the opportunity of meeting him your perception about celestial will change for good. Indeed Celestial church of Christ is the last church and indeed the church that will clean the world.

  3. Babafemi says:

    There are still real prophet in celestial if need one contact me on my WhatsApp number 08069124089.

  4. Samuel Babatunde Osidele says:

    Please where is your parish I plead that I will be given an audience to preach the sermon a Sunday service. Thanks I am Hon. Snr. Evangelist. Samuel Babatunde Osidele.

  5. Kasumu Ogunleye says:

    Those herbalist are plenty in CCC nowadays. They will see your problems but will not know d solutions. It is too bad. Furthermore, d division in celestial gives room for everybody to do whatever they like without anybody challenging them. God will take control.

  6. Kasumu Ogunleye says:

    We still have very sound Prophet nd prophetess in d fold, but money is the root of all d problems. When a Shepherd or member is using car, a fool Prophet who did not know how he or she gets his / her will like to do same. And again some of this prophets will use diabolical means nd wash their face, nd when such see your problem or problems they will not the solution.

  7. Akinola Adekunle Wasiu says:

    My submission is that there are real men of God, no doubt about that in celestial the Almighty God shall help and get rid of Satan callers that are destroying the integrity of celestial.

  8. Olufunmi ibk says:

    We still have real prophet and prophetess in Celestial, God fearing and dedicated ones

  9. oki daniel says:

    these is a wonderful article…..

  10. Ilugbiyin Michael says:

    am a living witness, God is still using is people, a dead woman came back to life in my present, and two of my shepard have given me alot in sermon, with their ways in the site of the most high, even when they give prophesy. wao they have convinced me.

  11. Omotola says:

    Take it all leave it celestial church is the last boat of salvation and there are still thousands of real powerful prophet of God in celestial church.Thank you for your writeup I pray that the God of celestial will clean the church soon.

  12. Wolima Tayo Joseph. says:

    Two major issues were addressed in your write up. 1) The issue of true Prophets,
    2) Shepherd’s calling.
    Please know that there are still true Prophets in the Celestial church but they are very few and far between. Just as God did during the time of Elijah, he has reserved thousands for himself who have not corrupted themselves and, they are all over silently doing his biddings.
    The issue of calling is two fold:
    1) If God sent you a message of call, the person concerned need to wait for the Lord to speak to him. From experience, God would have personally called himself many times over before sending a call message through another Prophet. Despite that he will continue to call and assure you of the authenticity of your call. Unfortunately most people out of ignorance and greed not do not wait for God’s confirmation. Unfortunately these are the set of Shepherds that add fetishism to their Shepherdship.

  13. Adewuyi Adekemi says:

    Tanks for d words of encouragememt more annoiting to ur life

  14. Ogunrotimi Opeyemi says:

    Tanks for the words encouragement may God help us amen

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