No Relationship Can Thrive Without Effective Communication

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Communication is one of the vital ingredients every relationship needs to survive.

For you to communicate effectively, you must listen with empathy and this cannot be achieved if you do not listen attentively…

Sometimes you just need to be quiet and listen.

No one is an island of knowledge, you don’t know it all so do not act presumptuously, Seek clarification on issues that seems cryptic and obscure.

Don’t assume things.
The assumption is the lowest form of knowledge.

To communicate isn’t just about mere talking, you ought to understand vividly your partner’s point of view and vice versa.

Pay attention during Communication!
Do not be so poor that you are unable to pay ATTENTION.

Communication is an exchange of thoughts, feelings, ideas, signs etc. Effective Communication builds trust in every relationship.

Do not be passive or aggressive in communicating, be polite, be kind, be open-minded, be clear, and be emphathetic.

Partners who communicate effectively bond even more so do not ignore the importance of effective communication, it is a core value in every relationship.

No Relationship can thrive without effective communication.

There can’t be companionship where there is poor communication.

There can’t be mutual understanding where there is poor communication.

There can’t be intimacy where Communication is lacking so Communication is very vital and cannot be ignored in any relationship.

Learn to communicate effectively with your partner to enjoy your relationship even better.

You can have a sweet and amiable relationship, but it depends on how you nurture it.

Remain Blessed and have a lovely day ahead.



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