I Am Nobody’s Fool And Don’t Suffer Fool Lightly- Rev. Godwin Shonekan

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You will be marveled at his sense of judgment. Rev. Bolanle Godwin Shonekan, one of the contenders of the pastoral seat in Celestial Church of Christ has just aired his opinion concerning a national issue and indeed he’s deep.

This and many more are expected from leaders of religious community, not that we have to mix with the government, but issues of this nature relating to abuse of power or human rights should have a collective voice.

I thumbed up this amiable personality for posting this. You will enjoy it just as I did too.

“A United Nigerian Passengers on board Dutch KLM Airline in this video awaiting departure to Nigeria from Europe was held at stand still by passengers demanding that a fellow Nigerian brought on the plane for deportation back to Nigeria be taken off the plane or the plane will be going nowhere.

What was this man’s crime? He had no documents and so he was chained like an animal. His right as human had been violated and aviation rules broken, if the plane was to go down, God forbid bad thing from happening, the man in shackles has no chance at all.

The passengers’ concerns, no other human gets this kind of treatment except the Africans, in this case in quest for greener pasture, seeks refuge in other man’s land. And because of the global economic meltdown, those that once accommodate them could no longer deceive themselves anymore and pretend it is all well. Home he left behind being a place of less or no opportunities becomes a choice of resistance for this victim of circumstance.

Easier to blame is the government of the African nations, in this case, Nigeria. But do you know exactly who is to blame? Us-the people. God has no blame in this matter, HE was fair in HIS creation of all mankind, it was even said that all man are created equal but making the best of it is left for all sides.

God created black people and placed them where is best suited, a fertile land enriched and endowed with mineral resources, all year round great weather seasons, while the whites had their own attributes endowed with them. If managed better than others, we can’t blame either side for the other. I see human-race as relay-race, if one gets off the starting point before the starting shot was fired and no recall, then it is a fair game. The one needing to catch-up just have his work and struggle cut out for him.

People of Africa just need to wake up and smell the roses to know its great smells. We aren’t lesser people but we think lesser of our needs and responsibilities.

Now, that reminds me of another responsibility that I share with you all besides the color of skin and that is the responsibilities bestowed on Celestial Church of Christ to cleanse the world. I am a Celestian. I had thought of that responsibility many times, and what that entails or really means.

After watching the two videos posted with this write up and heard the angry passengers turning the blame on the government and that is Nigerian government and the bold Preacher man laying it out as he sees it in the second video. It dawn on me that if the economy of Nigeria was buoyant, why would that young man being deported be so displeased about coming home.

Then I knew that we the people are to be blame, we are the government. You remember government of the people, for the people and by the people. That is what I heard for the past forty-seven years I lived in America unless someone tells me that the statement was only meant for the white-man world and not for Africa, if that is so, then it had to change if Celestial Church of Christ must cleanse the world.

I can hear some fools (sorry to say, truth is bitter) saying that what Celestial Church of Christ has to do with this. This is the same old thinking of the people in government, especially in Nigeria that makes it difference between the white-man land as to black-man land, and that is, everyone for himself, if it’s well with them, to hell with others, selfishness.

I asked myself, why? After making myself the best life had to offer and living the American Dream, that I decided to stick to all the insults, put downs and suffering I must put myself through to do the God’s Will so He can do mine, a great faith. You know what, my love ones may not be wrong to think something is wrong with me, by not seeing it that Africans needed no help and even from God they will shun and refuse help.

But after seeing this two videos and knowing that my people will still think white-man should be blamed for their shortcomings, then agreed with myself that I must endure it a while longer and see if God will help me help my people out of the wilderness.

I am nobody’s fool and don’t suffer fool lightly. You’ve heard that from me many times. What has the money of this Church got to do with me when I had publicly said I will not let what man want to do for me stand in the ways of what God promised me but some of you think I am in the leadership tussle because of money. Money, what money?”

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2 responses to “I Am Nobody’s Fool And Don’t Suffer Fool Lightly- Rev. Godwin Shonekan”

  1. ibk says:

    God bless you son of God

  2. Eniola David says:

    Am totally differ to world wide spectrum of celestial church claiming to cleans the world. most members and acclaim pastor are the fool. celestial is demonized by evill leader, and the spirit of God never dwell where pandemonium, tussle, kiosk reign. who is fooling who? Ask shonekan, wot is holyspirit and how does holy spirit operate? He’s only move by motivation to change celestial and selfish interest. I wish I can challenge him on open debate. cos I was the one who granted him the first interview , when he came from the unitef state.

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