None Of The Aides Of Papa Oshoffa Had The Gift Of The Holy Spirit, Who Are To Judge Him- Rev Shonekan

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Reacting to an article on #CNO, this is Rev. G.B. Shonekan’s submission.

“My honest response to this enlightening write up is to shed some lights on spiritual translations received when reading the message.

Celestial Church of Christ had its problems since the Church was founded. Satan had his work cut out and stand to see it destroyed.

It was believed by those that see to the departure of Papa S.B.J Osofa from Republic of Benin where the Church was founded and started that Papa’s departure then will result to the end of the Church. But little did they know that it will catapult the Church to its greatness.

You cannot blame Papa for turning to Baba Bada for his view on that spiritual message, it is obvious that Papa knew the future of the Church but he hope that all around him will see what he sees. In fact, the more reasons he, Papa S.B.J. OSOFA chose to surround himself with four intellectuals to assist him take the Church to the pinnacle of its calling. But unfortunately, none of them had the gift of Holy Spirit nor seek such blessings from God when Papa was alive, rather, one of them challenged the throne and would wrestle Papa for the seat till Papa’s death.

Papa could have chosen to do like one of his friend does, the founder of RCCG who handed over the mantle of power to an educated elitist. But Satan and greed faulted the ambition of the would be Baba Adeboye of CCC.

A great reason why Baba Banjo was hell bent that the throne should be given to the family of Papa be it right or wrong. Though I had been warned by a very elder member of the Church to stop defending Baba Banjo but how can you tell the true picture of matter as revealed to you by God without doing disservice to Holy Spirit that you are guided by. You tell me….!

I solicit for no one’s support because I am very sure of my calling. I have taken up my position intellectually amongst the world deserving spiritual leaders. The Pope aired his views and opinions of the world on USA and North Korea conflict; I had made my view known to the world. I look for no pat on the back, but hope there will be time you all we wake up to agree with yourselves.

God bless His Church, me and you too.




The posting I am making this comment on was unsolicited and I waited for more than 12 hours to see if anyone else will comment or ask for it to be pull down.

Thank for your audiences.”

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4 responses to “None Of The Aides Of Papa Oshoffa Had The Gift Of The Holy Spirit, Who Are To Judge Him- Rev Shonekan”

  1. Johnson Oluwagbenga Adeniyi says:

    If Papa will ask Baba Bada it is not a case, even Jesus ask is disciples who they think He is. Does that means Jesus don’t know Himself? The disciples could not do anything good in the days of Jesus Christ and that was why Jesus left so that the disciples might do exploit. John 14.
    Let me tell you, if Oshoffa do not leave Celestial Church of Christ will not fulfil her purpose of existence. And you can see without doubt that the church despite all odds we are fulfilling purpose. Amen.
    And to the Rev. Shonekan, I think I chat sometimes with you and told you to continue canvassing for yourself but rather keep working and if God has called you to be pastor in this fold you will be if not support whoever in charge and move this church forward and stop saying things.

  2. Prophet Adebayo says:

    I pity the Great Oshoffa because he was not so lucky to have had spirit filled people around him because according to the Church constitution the Church is absolutely under the dictate of holy spirit Unfortunately those around were looking for material things not spiritual things and heavenly things I was one of the prophet sent to PAPA OSHOFFA to reveal end time messages to PAPA in the present of hierarchy of celestial including the Supreme Evangelist Bada then Osoffa demanded we should looked for Bada that he should be on sit before reading the devine message fortunately I still have the great message with me thankd

  3. Akinleye Emmanuel says:

    With your article, i can’t see any solution to the present crisis that this noble church is facing, in fact you are also part of the problem the church is facing by your self-acclaim “Reverend” you gave yourself. If you foresee a crisis and you are also a part-taker of the issue by adding to the tension that you are not helping matter.
    Why majority of us are calling of dissolution of BOT and independent committee to fashion out a draft constitution for the church but you claiming to be “Reverend” then your activities is to further disband the church.
    I think your self-acclaim “Reverend” issue is secondary problem compare to the real crisis the church is facing, because at the appropriate time, your “Reverend” will die a nature death if Celestial church is in order.

  4. Jacob says:

    Hmmmmmm, indeed, there is wisdom in people termed foolish talksthink twice before responding, a word is enough for the wise ones

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