Nose Rings: The Newly Imported Fashion Symbol For CCC Women

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Nose rings used to mean different things in different cultures, for example, they could indicate a woman’s marital status. But something called fashion has turned things upside down. Wearing nose rings is now more of a fashion choice, and we’re seeing more and more ladies in our parishes following this trend. So, should this be encouraged?

Some people would say the Bible doesn’t say we shouldn’t wear nose rings, after all, when Abraham sent his servant to ‘toast’ Sister Rebekah on behalf of Brother Issac, one of the gifts was a nose ring. Fair enough, we can concede the fact that the Bible doesn’t explicitly say no to nose rings.

However, as a member of certain professions, specified and expected standards of dressing are expected. And appearances do matter!!! I mean, as a lawyer, regardless of your fashion sense you wouldn’t wear ripped jeans to court, would you? Whatever your fashion style, common sense would prevail. So why can’t the same be applied when you’re going to church.

If you attend a parish where you know the sidemen are notoriously against certain things, i.e. nose rings- why embarrass yourself and make their day by wearing them to church?

Personally, I have nothing against piercing and wearing nose-rings to church. I doubt the angels would stop anyone from entering heaven because they’re wearing a nose ring. But I think there’s a big difference between wearing sensible simple nose studs and wearing a large, big unnecessarily big thing on your nose in the name of fashion.

Aside from it looking tacky, it’s a health and safety issue. Just don’t think you can sue anyone but yourself when it gets caught in someone’s lace or loin. You are On Your Own at that point!


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One response to “Nose Rings: The Newly Imported Fashion Symbol For CCC Women”

  1. Evang Petersen says:

    It maybe correct to say the Bible didn’t condemn the use of nose jewels, tattoos, bracelets, ankle chains and all others, but there is certainly a bigger problem in the use of these items of fashion for beatification.

    Permit me to state here that, if you are spiritually inclined, you maybe privileged to know that items like Gold, Diamond, Silva, Bronze, Copper etc are highly spiritually sensitive in nature! And they have a way of influencing peoples attitude, behavior and by extension, outward appearance! This is where the problems of too much involvement in the use of these items comes from.

    To justify this assertion with the scripture, let take a read from Isaiah 3:16-23. The Bible says that the daughters of Zion became haughty, and this was basically because of the too many items of beautification available at their disposal! At some point, the daughters of Zion began to see themselves as extremely gorgeous and that made them feel “arrogant and disdainful!” They began to see themselves too much to bring themselves down to obey simple instructions from God.

    Apparently, these items of beatification are capable of having overwhelming influence on peoples subconscious mind, especially the females and in consequence it affects the level of spiritual concentration and commitment they have when it comes to worshiping God. And this is exactly where we are now in the church of God! People now find it difficult to submit themselves to obey the tenets of the church.

    This was why the first thing God did in the scripture in Isaiah chapter 3 was to stripped the daughters of Zion of those items of beatification. The list of those items were absolutely absurd!

    Honestly, this generation should learn how to relate more with the Bible. The Bible is not just some story book, everything in it must repeat itself in every generation. And any generation that lose touch with the scripture is heading for destruction because the days of doom must surely come!

    My word for this generation is that we should avoid anything which is capable of distracting our attention from concentrating on worshiping God. The devil is remarkably crafty in making people feel strongly comfortable and justified with the things they do, even while provoking the anger of God, just like the daughters of Zion. This is why the Bible warned us to abstain from every appearance of evil! The devil is using most of these things to separate people from God!

    The Good Spirit of the Lord will continue to direct us in Jesus name.

    God bless

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