Do Not Fight A Man Under God’s Grace; His Grace Will Disgrace You!

March 17, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 2 Comments »

In every natural man there is an ignorance of the righteousness and holiness of God. In man’s nature, there is knowledge that there is a God, and that this God is a righteous and a just God. The righteousness of God is such a sublimely magnetic thing, that no natural man can understand it, even if you do; you are bound to be confounded with your discovery (ies).

Some people operate under his grace, these are people naturally you cannot cheat and will make something out of their sweat. If you remember the story of Joseph in the hands of potiphar’s wife, though he might have suffered a little for being accused wrongly but the end, they say, justifies the means.

So, for a man who is under His grace, the difference between you and him is that, you complain to human while he complains to God. You put your trust in human while he puts his in God. He doesn’t need man’s pity but God’s mercy.

Listen brethren, God can use man to bless you, but man is not your source, God is your source, connect directly to Him.

Have you noticed that people who always complain do nothing more than complaining every minute? And at the end they start blaming a prophet/shepherd or even their parish for their misfortunes. Do you know that when people around you are getting blessed and you are not, you need to check yourself very well?

Stop running from one place to another in search of miracles because the miracle you seek is already in you and when you do the right thing, you will see the right result.
And finally do not ever fight a man under God’s grace because his grace will disgrace you. And know this that; you can never rub Peter to pay Paul. Keep your hands clean, change your ways and put your trust in God.

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2 responses to “Do Not Fight A Man Under God’s Grace; His Grace Will Disgrace You!”

  1. Adeola Olaniyan says:

    If you know this Mr. Editor, why would you be writing abt pastor Mobiyina and his aides? Why do you write ru ish abt shepherds and prophets? Are you claiming to be saint yourself. Why not write about yourself first and let’s see

    • Sophie says:

      What has dis story got to do wit Pst MOBIYINA? I dnt knw y u guys luv creating problems here and there. Pls read d post bfor u start judging d editor! Alleluia.

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