There Is Nothing God Cannot Do, But There Are Many Things He Will Not Do

June 16, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 2 Comments »

“There is nothing God cannot do”

Many miraculous things have occurred in the past, both in the scriptures (as read) and even in our present world and generation. Many lame walked, sick made whole, deaf hears, broken in heart receives good news, singles of long-standing became married, barren gave birth, unemployed got employed and many more. With these, it was conveniently and faithfully concluded that “nothing is impossible with God. [John 1:37]

Unfortunately, the tormented poor and many in bad situations will hardly concur to the fact that there is nothing God cannot do if they are persistently in that situation for long. Therefore, when evil finally end their struggle story, they are ready to question God that why did he not do theirs when it was said that God can do all things? If truly he does all things.

The answer is simple!

“He did not do it because He would not”

God has his own plans towards everyone, He has programmed it, He surely will execute it. We believers should know that He can do all we want but He just would not do them all.

Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego understood this attitude of God, that He could save them from being burnt in the lake of fire but He might decide not to do so. So in case He did not, they were ready to be burnt than to bow to the king’s image. [Daniel 3:16-18]


Therefore, if you are praying for a sick to recover but eventually the person died, looking for the fruits of the womb yet you still remain barren, seeking for job yet nothing happens; it is not because God cannot do them all, not because your pastor isn’t praying enough or is not holy or your prophet is fake. It’s very simple; it’s because God doesn’t want to do it.


“There is nothing God cannot do, but there are many things he would not do.”

-Bro Oluwasegun Samson Akinniyi


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2 responses to “There Is Nothing God Cannot Do, But There Are Many Things He Will Not Do”

  1. Damisi says:

    Wonderful write up…..GOD Bless!

  2. Oluwasegun Akinniyi says:

    This is one fact Celestials and all other Christian denominations should understand about God. He can do it all but may not if it doesn’t please him.

    Thanks to the Celestial news

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