Obesere To Perform At Celestial Programme… What Can We Call This? (Photo)

January 18, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 19 Comments »

Obesere VigilI got this photo about two nights ago, I didn’t want to go out to post it because I felt ‘my wahala’ is becoming too much and I don’t want people to see me as an antagonist. But truth has no other name than truth. The same manner in which I had the intention of presenting it, my boss and my shepherd, Sup Evang. Prophet Kunle Hamilton, did so. Now I know it’s the set time for us as Celestians to make things right.

“When something like this happened in RCCG over a year ago, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the G.O spoke loud and clear against it. RCCG disowned the initiative. Rev. Emmanuel Oshoffa plus every other Minister of God and Sectional Head in CCC must not only disown this silly debauchery masquerading as a Gospel event but also ensure it does not hold as a deceit to the unsuspecting public. And whoever this ill-informed and immature charlatan is must not be allowed to put the CCC signboard outside any venue to mislead people as a Shepherd (which he can’t even spell correctly) or misrepresent the Celestial Church of Christ.”

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19 responses to “Obesere To Perform At Celestial Programme… What Can We Call This? (Photo)”

  1. Itunuoluwa says:

    God of celestial will be with us all.guys I don’t think we need to condemn or judge anyone over dis! All we need is we should all be in unity and pray for ccc world that GOD of ccc should intervene and give baba Mobiyina good strength and wisdom to guide us right! It is well with our souls

  2. Jeremiah says:

    Hello everyone!
    Lets don’t get this wrong, there is nothing Bad in Obesere performing​ in a Celestial church program only if he agrees​ not to sing any worldly songs.
    Say this out of experience…..!
    I have witnessed​ a performance by St. Jannet in a church program which she never sang any worldly song during the time she was pperformig everyone was so surprise.
    Xo Wah abt dat……..!

  3. Ayaba Adekoya says:

    Sup. Evang. Remileku pls sorry to say dis who r u to judge people, do u want to tell me dat u r HOLY DAN OBESERE?

  4. Ayaba Adekoya says:

    ok let do example we organise an award night n we invited DANGOTE, OTEDOLA, BUARI N SO MANY DIGNITARIES dt r ruling dis naija pls will people condemn d act, need ur opinion on dt

  5. Ayaba Adekoya says:

    hmmmm dis is serious pls y r we condemning dis act cos OBESERE I know him very well n is nt a bad person at all even to say hes HOLY dan some of our so call SHEPHERD in dis fold, and calling him to dis event does not mean he going to sing he jos been invited as a guest,, to let u know OBESERE do contribute to church upliftment and development he does nt condemn any religion unlike wat people says also he need to do his work so singing does song is performing his duties in his own field, a church invited ST. JANET to perform at d night of der harvest so many people taught she will sing rubbish bt to everybody surprise she sang a nice praises dt everybody did nt want her to stop den she let people understand dt work is different from religions so pls let stop condemning all dis musician cos dey r doing der work.

  6. NINIOLA says:

    like have been saying those shepherds need to be very caution because they are the one in charge of power …like I have wrote in my pilling up book 3things that is spoiling celestial church of Christ Choristers Shepherd and prophets remember in those garden you meet those set o people there…so you have no the truth to set yourself free you will not need to attend such garden please don’t put the blame on pastor I.e Mobiyina rather blame the cabinet because they are everywhere returning feed back to pastors they search for what to eat …leave them they will soon meet what we eat them

  7. alagba says:

    instead of you bringing this poster here.. you would have forwarded it with the numbers on it to the email of ccc worldwide headquarters and the disciplinary committee would call the organizer and put them to order.. and please i want to please beg you the admin officer of this site.. please let us wash our dirty clothes inside cos most of this shepherd are very very wicked so be mindful of what you post about them and not everything you see you post .. when you mention people like Evangelist Prophet Dr Kunle Hamilton which i remembered he is our patron and founder of CCC student parish University of Lagos those days, such people are our leaders and role model so do not compare yourself with them.. please

  8. Abiodun Ajayi says:

    This judgement is completely wrong, for Obesere to have agreed to perform at church event. God has a purpose for it. If not for himself , it may be for some other people. We should all remember that Jesus ate with the sinner. 1 Corinthians 1 :21b ” it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.” I am very sure Obasere is not coming there to sing worldly songs. Instead we should praise the organiser for using their net to catch a big fish to win souls for Christ.

  9. Black magic says:

    Mr poster , I mean the one that posted this article , I don’t care who you are, I’m a celestial like you and don’t give a fuck what your position is , I think you are off the grid cause you lack modern values , how can you prohibit someone who is just an artist and working for his own pocket in your church so because he sings worldly music, he’s not allowed in your church ? That’s stupidity in disguise , what if he’s a member of your church, will you ask him to leave ? Please wake up from your slumber cause you’re just too stupid to have humiliated this mans dignity, do you know if his presence that day will bring him to Christ ? You’re just delusional , I hate folks like you In celestial ….

    • Olaoluwapo says:

      That’s rather too harsh. You can still communicate your opinion in a better and simpler way. To be honest most people Specifically non celestians knows who the so called worldly artiste is. They won’t remember that one might be trying to save a soul or win him over to Christ, what they would notice first is that he’s a worldy singer and that coming to perform in CCC might pass a negative message to them most especially about our Church. He’s not to be condemned, at the same time Wisdom is profitable to direct.

      • Black magic says:

        It’s cool mr olaoluwapo , I just detest the fact that the worldly artiste is being condemned instead of being positive about winning his soul to Christ, this folks that call themselves celestial keep saying trash . What I know is that don’t condemn any man cause it’s not given to us to judge anyone but let God himself judge , at the end , the worldy artist might find his way to heaven than this devoted so called celestial …..peace out to you olaoluwapo

      • lekan says:

        The Wine that God gave to his church is becoming diluted.. i see comedians now in church not only CCC… i see nollyhood artist.. church leaders please teach we youth of the church way of our fathers… teach us exactly the doctrines of the church before everything we go on extinction before Wizkid and Davido start climbing pulpit over God’s children…

  10. flavour says:

    Hmmmmm! He might just be invited to present award alone. Remember award presenting is included in the program. #ijo_mimo_onibaje

  11. Ldr matthew says:

    Did is bad dey wnt to gv CCC bad name God anger is coming on dem

  12. Prince Oluwaseun says:

    This is completely nonsense what gospel son is Obesere coming to sing does it mean no gospel singer that can pull crude, abi them won turn Celestial Church to Night club, hmm anyway may God forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing…

  13. Balogun Bankanle says:

    I do not blame them, it’s the disunity the church is experiencing that has caused all these anomalies. A sane person would not do what this animal in shepherds skin has done. It’s a total disrespect to the Constitution and the leadership of the church. May God help His church

  14. Sup. Evang. Remilekun says:

    The so called your Shephards are vagabonds we have in the church. You didn’t organise a crusade to win souls for Christ but you are here calling Omo Rapala to come and sing and entertain in an holy gsthering. Ona orun ni yo jo. These are people that have brought bad image to the church. If you fail to repent, your days will be slur short.

  15. Adebisi Adebisi Omooba says:

    It’s quite unfortunate that things like this happen in our great church and nobody is doing anything about it. Even Pastor Mobiyina can not see, his aides have eyes for crying out loud.

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