Ogboni Man, Sunday Folorunsho Aiyedison Threatens To Kill Me- Olori Olanifemi Adeoye

November 11, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 12 Comments »

ogboni-olori constitution-of-the-churchBefore I die, there is need for me to put this to the entire public, most especially, the entire congregation of Celestial Church of Christ, worldwide. The story we posted on our news site, www.celestialnewsonline.com concerning Sunday Folorunsho Aiyedison Gabriel, who confirmed to us that he belongs to the Ogboni fraternity popularly called ROF, he has been saying all sorts of nasty things about me. He had called me unprintable names and has also threatened to kill me.

Not that I am afraid of him or I am afraid to die but at least, before I die, the public should know what has killed me. I stand upon the cross of almighty Jehovah in this holy Church, Ijo Mimo Ti Kristi Lati Orun Wa, no evil can come upon me, no Ogboni power can kill me. Lamentations 3: 37 says “Who is he who speaks and it comes to pass when the Lord has not commanded?

The constitution of Celestial Church of Christ page 35 section 103 states that you cannot put any title or chieftaincy or any other prefix to address yourself once you have decided to be a member of the church, CCC.

On this note and on behalf of this church and by the constitution, I can boldly say that Chief Sunday Folorunsho Aiyedison Gabriel is not a member of this church, Celestial Church of Christ, Worldwide. No man or woman or power can destroy the image Holy Spirit has designed for the church. This is a church that came into this world with the Grace of God. They are only spoiling themselves. Ijo Mimo Ko Le Baje, Ina Jesu ko Se Fomi Pa…..

12 responses to “Ogboni Man, Sunday Folorunsho Aiyedison Threatens To Kill Me- Olori Olanifemi Adeoye”

  1. Yinusa Wasiu says:

    GOD is your strenght

  2. Kazeem Adamson says:

    I didn’t really know what transpired between you and the man, but it was really nice as you informed the Celestians because it safe those who goes to that church that the leader tey have is not a shepard but wolve; However, If you have a clean hands and pure heart, you have nothing to be afraid of, As God lives, no weapon fashion against you shall prosper.

    The kingdom of God is near, Celestians, Christians , my brothers and sisters, submit yourselves to christ

  3. Temitope Ogunnaike says:

    Read 1John 4:4

  4. Akinade j o says:

    pls remember the song that says Bi gbogbo ayie site mo was neon gbodo teriba fun oluwa Eyin Omo ljo mimo e side ke yin oluwa Halleluyah no Orin was halleluyah was mini lse was Bi ayie fe bi aiyeko nwon a teriba fun Oluwa Amen . of u have not wronged him sing this song & pray with it on a Tuesday (OJOlsegun) & wait & see Olorun Oshoffa yio fi emi ropo emi Halleluyah

  5. hidowu Christopher says:

    I believe before this so called chief can start threatening you,something might have come up between both party.and if there is not let ur mind be at rest

  6. HSE Anthony. M.O says:

    Don’t allow his empty threats disturb you my dear. He will surely come and try his fetishism but he will meet with Jehovah just as those before him tried and failed. He this time around will not only fall and fail but will know that God is the giver of power. Psalm 114 will be your guide for the next few nights while I implore all Celestial members to rise in defence of God and his servants in this church.

  7. oluwanifemi says:

    No evil come against u shall prosper…..

  8. liz Ebony Angel says:

    Never mind Him, He is bragging. He can’t harm you

  9. Temi says:

    What exactly transpired between both of you that led to this threats? I believe you owe the public to know. We could learn one or more lessons from it. May God be with you.

  10. Mk Kenny says:

    You will witness his burial as long as God is still on the throne.

  11. Walefa Sanmi says:

    Apata ayeraye ninu awon orun yio si Goa ise naa se. But mase bawon di ote o. Hallelujah.

  12. Walefa Sanmi says:

    If you know the Lord you serve, you have nothing to worry about. All you should just pray more for in the church is for revival fire to keep burning and wait to see what the MIRACULOUS mighty hand of God of host will do.

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