Olawole Famakinwa On Why Some People Shunned Pastor Mobiyina’s Invite For 70th Celebration

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celestial @ 70When we posted the story of about 30 people not honouring the clarion call of pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa for the Platinum Jubilee celebration, where 70 people drawn from all walks of life to be members of the team to deliver the anniversary as well the Imeko cathedral, some people said we goofed but how is our submission different from what Secretary of the committee and one of the active forces at IMC , Sup. Evang. Olawole Famakinwa said here?

“I am a member of the 70th Anniversary Central Planning Committee inaugurated by His Eminence Pastor EMF Oschoffa on Saturday, 21st January, 2017at Makoko. I consider it a honour and privilege to be recommended and subsequently appointed to be part of this august celebration. I consider myself blessed to be called to serve the church in this role.

I am responding in my personal capacity as an elder of the church and not as a spokesman for the Central Planning Committee. I make the following observations in relation to the absence of some of our members.

  1. We have only just been inaugurated and it is early days to say that some members have not accepted their invitation. In fact some may not have yet received their letters. Let us be patient and the coalition of the willing, would do the work of God. Many are called, few are chosen.
  2. When the International Management Committee (IMC) was invited to help draw up the plans to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of this great church, the Pastor agreed that it must be a celebration of love and unity. He accordingly wrote a letter that he personally signed to all Celestians who belonged to other factions to come together to plan this event. Posterity would show that Pastor EMF Oschoffa has extended a hand of fellowship and love to members who are outside of the Main Stream. That invitation still stands.
  3. I am aware that some prominent leaders from the factions have accepted their nomination to be part of the 70 members. They have actually gone ahead to nominate more members from their faction to join some subcommittees where their members can best perform. That is a very welcome development which is laudable. They want to add value to the event.
  4. However, some who have received their letter to be among the 70 members have been unnecessarily pedantic in the way they were addressed in their letter of appointment. With respect, some of our fathers who are now Reverends, Most Superior Evangelists and Pastors in their factions, felt it was beneath them to accept a letter that referred to them as ‘Superior Evangelist’. Where is their commitment to the unity and progress of our church? Titles are the bane of our church. Far be it for me to suggest that there is a lack of a sense of humility. Remember, that the Prodigal Son actually said he was not fit to be called a son of the rich householder. We all know that story. It may yet require the one-to-one reaching out to members of the other factions by those of us in the Main Stream who are friends with them. Nothing is impossible for God.
  5. I have attended every meeting of the 70 member Committee in Makoko since inauguration. There has been increased enthusiasm and commitment to the plans for celebration in September. There is no instance of those of us present groaning under the task in hand. At each meeting there have been no less than 44 members present. We have also set up sub committees with a lot of co-opted professional members lending their skills and expertise. Like when Nehemiah was rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem, we have been swamped and overwhelmed with human, material and financial offers of assistance. Members have also put their money where their mouth is. There have been donations galore from members to move this work forward. There is no looking back on the plans to celebrate 70. We need encouragement.
  6. Not everyone will accept to serve on the committee if we are to be realistic. Some people are old, unwell and also have logistical issues which make it difficult for them to be part of the Committee. They are now dressing it it up as if they have shunned the invitation.

Finally, let us pray for those who have heeded the call. Let us all look forward to the glorious celebration in our church, all over the world. The train is moving, come aboard. Do not be left behind.”

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2 responses to “Olawole Famakinwa On Why Some People Shunned Pastor Mobiyina’s Invite For 70th Celebration”

  1. Most Sup.Evang. Adetunji Joe says:

    My submission is not different from that of Alagba Famakinwa but with all humility, No one can serve under the leadership of the pastor in ketu because there is no transparency in their dealings. No Progress and we dont want to join association of Non Progressive group. He must first purge his administration to rid off bad eggs. If a decent edifice can be mounted personally at imeko and no improvement in edifice left behind by Founder during his regime and asked us to deliever cathedral by september, how possible will that be. Is there any plan early to do so? The foundation was not properly laid and we can never associate with people that will rubbish our integrity in the mud. So no One is ready to work with 70 anniversary under the current leadership. No green light to deliever and from whose purse do we derive the money to be spend on that project? White lies from the pit of hell. Let us forget celebration but start from round table conference. We werent recognized, accepted as same body, Now asking us to come and celebtate, so as to be humiliated. No way. God bless ccc. Let us come together as one body new constitution. No solid minutes on previous meeting nor achievements on past meeting held with them.

    • Adeyemi Da Silva says:

      Halleluyah, may I direct you to see the first response on the following article where Revd Shonekan openly declared that he was not invited. Just in line with your submission, it seems we are putting the cart before the horse.

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