One Packet Of Candle Can Lead You Into Great Testimony

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Adedeji Gabriel Adekunle popularly called Prophet bi-ala posted this and I guess it teaches some moral lessons, i am sure there is something in it for youcandle.

Celestial Church of Christ is a vineyard of spirit not flesh; CCC will remain forever and ever; Omo Ijo Mimo èdi amure ooo, don’t mind what people say about the church of God, focus on your own calling, work for Christ not because of stomach infrastructure.

One packet of candle for thanksgiving can lead you into great testimony but nowadays no more thanksgiving in church of God; please omo ijo mimo let us stand up and determine to preach about Christ anywhere, all our lost sheep must be back into Celestials realm. Don’t ever join Celestial because of fashion or alujo music; join celestial with one mind and with faith.

No more Ope Eso, no more Ope Perfumes, Turari and no more payment of Tithe; hmmm and you are waiting for God’s blessing in Celestial; Perfume ati Turari ni ounje awon Malaika; the altars of some men of God have become a hood for womanizing. My amiable youth, let us go back to the foundational doctrine of CCC and let us follow tenets it is so importance. God of Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa 1947 is still real; to all my lovely youth in Celestial Church of Christ, let us bring love back to the church of God; Don’t discriminate about any parish, we are all one in Christ.

By the authority of calling of our late Papa Oshoffa the day of your happiness will not turn to sorrow in Jesus name; in this Celestial Church of Christ you will end up your stories with good news in Jesus name… Amen!!!

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