This Is One Reason Celestial Church Can Not Have One Pastor

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CCC WoldwideIt troubles me most of the time when the church which has its headquarters in heaven led by Jehovah is wading through so many trouble waters and, from the look of things, our corruptible human nature, cannot build the church as a united house.

Now let me tell you why the church cannot have one worldwide Pastor. I have two copies of the Celestial Church of Christ Constitutions with me, the one, originally bought from OLUWASEYI Parish, Ijeshatedo about 15 years ago and the one bought at Imeko less than 10 years ago. These two blue copies have almost the same thing written therein except a few adjustment obviously made by the new BoT. I will like to call our attention to; Succession Into The Office Of The Pastor, section 111. Get a copy and read it yourself.

The article only states that the constitution is bind by law of Nigeria for Nigerian Diocese, so, what this is saying invariably is that, the authority here in Nigeria does not have the right to pastor, to sell anointment, to claim subvention or get anything in monetary term from any other country the church is situated.

As at the time of filing this report, I made a few inquiries from some people abroad and I was made to understand that Celestial Church in its constitution, has a clause and until that clause is standardized and regulated, no one can claim to be pastor over anyone abroad. Little wonder Rev Godwin Shonekan is fighting for this cause because the constitution the church authority in Nigeria would have used as a backup doesn’t have a portion that can make them claim such pastoral right.

In the UK/Ireland today, news going rounds has it that, the divisions in these two countries is never found in any part of the world where the church is located. The UK/Ireland are of the opinion that, there is no pastor, yet a whole lots of them get anointment from same authority, to see an ordinary leader in these two places, maybe the church is still new, all of them are Sup. Evang. And their 38-40 years women are all Mother Celestial title holders. The essence of giving these titles in a land where no law permits you to do so is an affront and sheer disrespect   to the constitution and violation of tenets and doctrine of the church. It’s a pure means of milking people and it has no spiritual value.

Now we have Nigerian Diocese, at least, that is the only one the constitution recognizes. What Happens to Port Novo? What happens to USA? What happens to UK? What happens to Asia? What happens to other parts of the world where the church is scattered?

If the church in Nigeria is claiming Pastor worldwide, which part of the constitution has given it that right to do so when the constitution even state clearly that under Second Schedule- Divine Order number VI, “Whoever is chosen to succeed as pastor should have his headquarters in the land set aside for the pastor in Porto Novo, Republic of Benin.” Now, hear this, the person occupying that position right now is Pastor Adeogun. Seems we are all just crying in the rain and no one is seeing how serious this matter is.

The way forward, without any prejudice, the two surviving members of the BoT, Baba Owodunni and Bab Banjo should be summoned to work with legal luminaries in the church who will not be biased or bought over, eminent professionals who will sit with this two and channel a new cause that will regulate, review and standardise the constitution whereby it will accommodate and enable the worldwide purpose achievable thus bringing the church under one umbrella before the celebration of the Platinum Celebration in September. Failure to do this, there is nothing to celebrate about the church except of course, failure.

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10 responses to “This Is One Reason Celestial Church Can Not Have One Pastor”

  1. Sulaimon Ibrahim says:

    Am sorry…I am just trying to air my voice….a celestial church ijesha tedo parish invited a Muslim to preach on the altar…and men of God could not violate…it…may God himself tear down their altar as he has sent those that were buying and selling in the altar….

  2. Segun Da-Costa says:

    Halleluyah, I am glad that someone else is seeing that the Celestial Church issue is purely legal (i.e. it has to do with our Constitution). Unfortunately, the church’s hierarchy seems not see it as such.
    I have personally proffered a solution at one of the PIC meetings, which led to the inauguration of a legal committee, which was supposed to serve as the legal department of the church, headed by a retired Federal High Court Judge of great repute. Unfortunately, the committee was relegated to the background. The legal committee would have xrayed the problems and proffered solutions.
    My heart bleeds though, but who knows, it could be God at work.

  3. EVG ADEBARE Baba igbagbo says:

    hmmmmmm good sir bt if all the sup %m i c ! can settle this issue my brother hmmmm well God will take the control! when a man of 30years35years is now a sup and woman of 29years is mother in celestial hmmmm God help ooooooooo

    • Segun Ayileru says:

      Adebare baba igbagbo I agree to your contribution I blame all the so called elders awarding anointment unreasonably all for the sake of money it is well

  4. Snr Evang. Sofowora S says:

    Gud write up,l think the church needs to consider this issue by setting up a strong committee consisting of professionals because except this is done we cannot move forward together worldwide .We’ve been dragging this issue for going to 32years now and is not taken us anywhere., The committee set up for d anniversary are not looking into this put construction of the Cathedral, which if achieved means little to settling our differences legally,spirituall and structurally.l pray someone close to d authorities or committees bring this issue to their notice,we need to act on it. How gud and pleasant it could be,to see d unification of this great church. I am looking forward to it and l wish to be part of d process.

  5. Prophet B.J. Zannu says:

    You just nailed it, not only through your knowledge of research, but by Devine inspiration. It’s better we Celestians wake up from our slumber, stop fooling ourselves, let’s fight the just fight,and the truth will set us free.l believe we know the truth, put aside all sentiments, no matter experts whose foot is stepped on.

  6. Ass Sup. Evang, Aremu says:

    Baba Owodunni and Baba Banjo can never sit together. It has never happened before and it will never happen since the both has been after each other years ago even before the death of the late founder, the two have been sworn enemies to the point of even sending assassins to each other. So, since the two can not sit together to form an alliance that will better this church and i think the youth should raise their voice in an accord to correct the anomalies. firstly, Baba Owoduni declaring himself a pastor has shown that he has missed heaven. And Baba Banjo conniving with Mama Sodeinde to impose Mobiyina to people as pastor shows he has missed heaven too.

  7. Barrister Adeare Ogo Oluwa Parish says:

    This is what happens when people think they can do anything for themselves without going through the proper channel. Shame on those lawyers, judges and other elites of this church who can not do something right. Myself inclusive.

  8. Prince Lanre Olagbegi says:

    This is deep. Well, i want to believe that you have raised a vital point. RCCG has one constitution that binds the church to even other parishes outside the country. Why is this church full of illiterates? You need to do the needful.

  9. Houndeyin Francis says:

    Waaooh my brother. I am happy that we are now all coming out of our shells to see the reality of the case.
    Blue Book: My brother, with full respect, correct yourself by referring to it as Celestial History Book (Nigeria Edition) because even a Sitting Judge in Nigeria had written it off that it is nothing more but just a storybook.
    I do challenge every parish, especially in the UK/Ireland to waive their confidentiality rights and allow the Charity Commission to publish copies of ‘constitution’ sent in for the registration of their various parishes. More to say but few to write now. No wonder Celestial Church of Christ is not accorded her deserved rights by the community authorities

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