Oniworo Of Iworo’s Message At CCC Ojo 1 Cathedral

November 3, 2022 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 5 Comments »

His Royal Majesty Oladele Friday Kosoko, the Oniworo of Iworo Kingdom was a special guest at CCC Ojo Cathedral, Ojo 1 last Sunday, which falls on their harvest day. Many, who registered their presence at the harvest, were indeed awestruck when the royal highness was called upon to preach the word.

In his usual style, SUP/EV.OBA.DR ALAIYELUWA FRIDAY OLADELE KOSOKO (JP)(MPIC) FMHR OGUNDEYI 2, Oniworo Awori Kingdom, Iworo Ajagun Badagry, Lagos, carried everyone along while reeling out Biblical references during the sermon.

The hardworking and eloquent monarch, majorly preached on HARVEST OF DIVINE DOORS OPENING as the theme of the harvest while backing it up with a series of quotations on giving, honouring God, and thanking Him as true sources of door opening.

A lot of the Ojo 1 parishioners so much enjoyed the words spoken to them by the Oba as every maintained a quorum throughout the time the Oba was with them.


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5 responses to “Oniworo Of Iworo’s Message At CCC Ojo 1 Cathedral”

  1. Born & Bread Celestian says:

    I’m not buying into these sentimental crap.

    Kings have been coming to our churches for long even during the time of SBJ.

    They don’t cover their heads in the alter neither do they climb the pulpit.

    The scriptures says that men don’t cover their heads during prayers hence celestian men don’t wear their regalia hats inside the church.

    We all know that traditional Kings cover their heads due to the rituals performed on their heads before being crowned.

    In the old days many refused to take kingships or chieftancies because they knew you cannot serve two masters. Nowadays the two are allowed to mix together. No wonder things are going wrong in our fold … lol

  2. Stella says:

    Lol This church na cruise

  3. Alàgbà says:

    He’s not a shepherd. He a King and a bonafide member of the Celestial Church of Christ, a Superior Evangelist. He has every right to preach if invited.

  4. Omo oshoffa says:

    Something is wrong

  5. Omocele says:

    Na wa ooo how can a king be a shepherd and also preach on the pulpit

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