Only Shepherds/Prophets With Chicanery Teachings Will Talk Down The CCC Doctrine

August 16, 2022 / Alonge Michael / ARTICLE / Add Comment »

It is quite unfortunate that while some sectors of the church are working seriously to redeem the battered image of Celestial Church of Christ, some just sit somewhere and all they think of is to continue to use Celestial Church insignia to bastardize the image of the church.

In a recent video shared online, (I won’t ever share such) some members were seen in garments enjoying themselves with larger beers both males and females on the church premises. It is indeed a sorry sight. One beautiful thing the main source of the video did was to put a caveat that, ‘True Celestial Church members don’t do this” and that actually is a message that should be passed across to every nook and cranny of the church, CCC is established.

You see why a lot of things happen in this church is because of the place Satan the Devil has occupied in the church through leadership. Celestial Church is a peculiar church, don’t mind some elders who claim to know more than the Pope himself and often say Celestial Church is not different from other churches, addressing the Church’s doctrine with insulting condescension.

Well, for me, a man can not know or understand beyond his knowledge. And those who think it is by running a Bible school or leadership centre are all needed to get wisdom, should know that they are limited in what they have. You need the genuine wisdom of God to understand the mystery behind the creation or divine establishment of this church, Celestial Church of Christ, and not by book.

You don’t need doctoral degrees for pastoral assignments, they are two different things. Combining the two is an added advantage but do not use your book knowledge to run down what the Holy Spirit has designed for us. All these fake teachers with low integrity are out to teach fake doctrine for their selfish interests. God can not be mocked! FYI!


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