Oshoffa Children’s Claim To Ownership Of CCC Might Have Led To This Act

November 20, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Give & Take / 3 Comments »

They say that a leader should set a good example, and if our church’s leadership isn’t doing that, the downlines won’t either. Not a curse at all.

If the church’s present leader and his siblings are using their actions and responses to church-related problems to assert family ownership of Celestial Church, then it won’t come as a surprise if we see similar behaviour at a lower level of the church.

It might surprise you that the same way Oshoffa’s children are claiming ownership of the CCC through their acts and behaviours is the same way the landlord shepherds are willing their parishes to their children and claim ownership of them.

Especially if the landlord shepherd passes into glory, the eldest son or whoever among the sons is interested would accept the call to become the parish’s shepherd regardless of their salvation or stand with God.

The mentality is that the son who wishes to become the shepherd of the parish would learn how to conduct one or two spiritual works and learn more as time progresses, and then it is assumed they are good to go.

Let me shock you: many of them are not born again, but they pretend to be one just to gain ownership of the church and fool some elders of the parish. No wonder there are many ungodly acts flogging some of our parishes. It is because the apex body too has displayed such an ugly act.

There was a brother I knew well to be a chronic womanizer, a drunkard, and a worldly song singer who suddenly told us that he wants to become a shepherd in his father’s pariah due to his father’s health issues, which would be relocating to his village.

The next thing I saw was his picture as a shepherd preaching on a Sunday like that. I am not saying he might not have eventually become born again, but the needful needs to be done first before taking up a calling. This is one of many we have witnessed in CCC.

God owns Celestial Church of Christ, not anybody or family inheritance. God might use one’s father to establish a church to properly propagate God’s work per mercy received, but that does not mean the church has become a family inheritance.

I will repeat it anywhere that it is only a daft child of Papa SBJ Oshoffa, a black sheep of the family and evil genius in that household that will lay claim to the church as their father’s.

Any of the Oshoffas who tries to claim such should be told to move to the Republic of Benin where their daddy started the church and not here. But they won’t dare claim such rights over there because they know they have nothing over there.

If they want to claim ownership of the church, the Badas, the Ajalenkokos, the Oyefesos, and the Owodunnis equally have the right to claim it. I hope the devil using some of these children of Papa will not make them destroy the good work Papa laid down, if they continue to think in that direction. A word, they say, is enough for the wise.

In a sane setting, ascending to the throne should be a very rigorous process where there is a requirement for both physical and spiritual qualifications before anybody can claim to be a shepherd, and it should not be an overnight decision or right.


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3 responses to “Oshoffa Children’s Claim To Ownership Of CCC Might Have Led To This Act”

  1. Sup. Evang. Prince Dr Abayomi NORMAN-WILLIAMS jp says:

    #chrisogbaisi. May Almighty God continue to bless every good works of your hand. May you increase in wisdom, knowledge and understanding IJMN. Am highly impressed with your submission. This write up alone, can take CCC to the Next Lext.
    I Duff my cap for you bro.

  2. Prophet Michael says:

    In fact the first person comment have said a lot, over this issue, who else to be Blames? In Yoruba adage say “ile ti a fi iro mo iri lo maa wo” the fault is from d registerd board of trustees, cos then before dey can appoint pastors that is going pilot affairs of this church, must be in line with the holy spirit, let’s the God appoint for us, but is because of their personal interest then, they don’t even care for d concecues they appoint this presented this present leadership, we don’t need to be deceiving ourselves, they appointed only ceremonial pastor, that is d reason the man in question now make d move to be finally hijack d structures of the church, like Tosho the way his elder brother was appointed dey did d same thing to install Tosho as a shepherd in charge at National headquarter Ketu, and took Benjamin to Chicago as a shepherd in charge, if truly those people have a divine calls, why are dey not start their ministry from small parishes or dey should go and laying down their halter, these are d area u will know d person who real call by God almighty, but now their claiming is their father properties, so the same happen from the top also applicable to lower parishes, that is d reason there is no spiritual progress in the church till today, anyway anywhatever everyone doing in this world we are going to give account one day, may God help us

  3. Chris A Ogbaisi says:

    In all fairness, we cannot continue to blame the Oschoffa dynasty without giving ourselves some personal check where we goofed administratively and failure to create a process driven institution that will guide excesses of all stakeholders.
    They are not the problem rather we created enabling environment for malady and inefficiency to thrive in the church right from the founder era till date under the guise of holy spirit .
    For instance after decades of the founder’s demise ,what stops the BOT and late Superm head to put in place right structure and allow processes to drive the church that will be above individual for future growth of the church ?
    Since we had the recent pastor and the registered BOT led by a doyen of the church Baba Banjo , what stops us from having a system binded constitutionally that would have addressed all these issues raised ? So don’t just blame the Oschoffa dynasty no! They are also guiding what was presumed to be their inheritance by implied action .
    Someone appointed the PA to the Pastor knowing fully well that they are Family and it should not be family affairs , someone gave audience to Mobiyina and recognised him as a pastor using a defective constitution to pilot affairs of the church . This same constitution has been pronounced defective and centered round the Pastor Founder not subsequent pastor ,yet we allowed him to ride on same to administer the church and we are complaining .. When Tosho returned, someone appointed him as the Shepherd of the International Headquarter despite the obvious risk of family affairs and he has chosen to remain perpetual as landlord shepherd. When did Benjamin become a clergy that he was elevated and appointed as a shepherd in Canada ? Someone did that and whether it’s right or wrong a system accommodated it created by past administrators .
    When you make nepotism , favouritism , Annointment, money basis of recognition and appointment then do not expect to build any institution that will last . Let us call a spade a spade , those shepherds that turn landlord shepherds perpetually what is the road map of the church for their retirement and sustainability of their family upon their final exit? What has the church as a body render to them as social security to give them comfort that they can bequeath the church to the main body aside what they have built ? After the death of Late Founder , what has been the template set up by the church to cater for the children and wards of the late founder and if at all it exists are they being implemented judiciously?
    We can not continue to lament without recourse to fundamental causes of these issues , they are not the fault rather the institution created lacuna and lack of social security will enable them hold unto anything they can lay their hands on perpetually.
    In all of this ,let us go back to the drawing board .
    Revert the status of the registered BOT and assign them with areas of jurisdiction with acknowledgement that the Chairman is the head but not the “lord Ottawa “.
    Build adminstrative and finance arms of the church independently from the Trustees of the church
    Hire professionals to manage them and report to the BOT in their respective capacity . People you can hire and fire not family and church affairs ..charge them with deliverables.
    Restructure the PIC with formidable representation from various provinces / parishes . Youth be led by youth representative not adult or archaic ideas .
    Review the constitution and make provision for social security for the oshoffa dynasty and the shepherds and clergies . Appointment and transfer be done without prejudice. STOP ABUSE OF ANOINTMENT …the imminent danger is there for those who are spiritually gifted to see beyond .
    God bless the church ..

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