Oshoffa’s Daughter, Fehintola Paulina Has Said It All (Photo)

May 13, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / 17 Comments »

Samuel Bilewu Oshoffa’s daughter, Fehintola Paulina has hit the nail on the head concerning the state of the church. The beautiful lady who seems to be concerned about the way things are going about the church said it the way it is. If her dad was alive to see this, she might probably get a gift for this. The reason is because, throughout Papa SBJ’s lifetime, he would always say it the way it was.

Read what Paulina said below;·

“Women, money and position are the three major things destroying our churches and the whole world in general. When we die, I love you, I love you only stops at the burial site. No woman will go in there with you, even the money you lived your life for will not be buried with you, you will only be dressed with your post/rank in church or society which will only rots with your body, and it will all end there in the grave. Only our deeds and characters are being recognized up there!”

No doubt, she has scored an A in with this honest statement. What do you think?

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17 responses to “Oshoffa’s Daughter, Fehintola Paulina Has Said It All (Photo)”

  1. Pro Akingbehin oluwasegun says:

    Gbogbo awon ti won damn ijo mimo ru bi won ko ba se atunse ile still ona won Lo MA damn ru

  2. mopelola says:

    am nt supporting any or against anyone bt wat exactly is present pastor doin wrong & wat exactly do ppl want frm him? all i knw is dat ……”Ye shall knw d truth n d truth shall set u free….”may d God of Papa oshoffa lead, direct our path n forgive us all…
    bi ijo mimo ti da yi
    gbogbo wa la lowo nbe

  3. Jaiye Emmanuel says:

    I really appreciate all that fehintola has said. It’s a pity that majority are killing the grace that God gave the celestial body. The truth still remains that OSHOFFA has done his part. He’s before the presence of God, daily in his presence. On that day, he won’t stand for us. We will all face it ourselves. He has done his part. Let us allow the man to rest. We are going to face our own when we get there. It’s appointed for a man to die once and after death it’s judgement.

  4. sup snr Evang lamidi. says:

    God of Papa Oschoffa will see us through IJMN.

  5. sebastien Andrew says:

    Please talk more to your brother to listen to all his siblings advise. If he could disobey Ebenezer advise and others from moving this Church forward which led to all of you walking out on him last week, the he should be called king Pharaoh. All because of wealth. Why should he breathed finger that is fed him? You all elders are repeating what you sow in secret by imposing him on all CCC and lying against Holy Spirit. On it in and always says it that you 4 elders came to him claiming Holy Spirit says he is there choosing one, and now when one lies against God, you reap corruption. Bear your cross and leave King Pharaoh alone please.

  6. Funmi FABIYI Taiwo says:

    May God of celestial be with us

  7. Ogunlaiye Samuel says:

    hmmmm you are talking the truth sis… may God be with you.

  8. Abidemi po pool a says:

    Hallaluiah, lovely talk from you Paulina. I pray God of papa will keep being with you and make all thing work and come back for good in CCC back

  9. dipo says:

    The main thing is as we are trying to correct the wrongs, we the youth must not walk the same path

  10. Ajiun Falokun. says:

    This is good and real.The ball is now in your court our elders.EYIN AGBA IJO MIMO,ESE KODARA.


    May God of CELESTIAL be with us

  12. Evan. Solomon Iyoriobhe says:

    Good talk from her, but she has to do more by talking seriously to her brother the present pastor, for him to also know that power, wealth, titles will all expire in this world, if he truly love God, His word and the church, he should be humble enough to sacrifice some things for peace to come to the church. The pastor should as a matter of urgency embark on general evangelism to all the States, And in spreading the good news, he will also be mending fences especially through state headquarters of the church. There should also be operational guide line memo that should be read in all parishes, this will be a motivator to members. Copied to all our leaders.

  13. celestial ambassadors says:

    The problem with the CCC is our deliberate disobedience to the instructions of the Holy spirit!! Spiritual work has replaced the word of God.No discipline,Title has replaced knowledge even though christ warned the church not to embrace titles!!

  14. Ben says:

    No comment

  15. Olori Adeola USA says:

    My first time here and I am indeed impressed. This is amazing that we have a platform like this and I didn’t know about it until now. This is bookmarked already. Pauline, awon omo mi nko o?

  16. Jare says:

    Halleluiah Paulina. God will bless you for speaking out. So, you are watching things too? Keep it up. Thanks Cele news, we are enjoying you for your posts

  17. Tolani says:

    What role is she playing personally to talk to his brother, Mobiyina about those vampires who he’s surrounded with? Is it that all of you are not calling a spade a spade when it comes to issues concerning the church?

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