Oshoffa’s Widows, Children Meet With Celestial BoT…Elders Emotionally Down Hearing Their Plights

February 25, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 17 Comments »

The Oshoffas Family Photo

It was an emotional  meeting today, Saturday 25, February, 2017,  for the children and wives of late Celestial Founder, Samuel  Bilewu Oshoffa  as they gathered to express their grievances concerning the neglect of the Oshoffa descendants by Celestial Church of Christ, worldwide headed by their brother, Pastor Mobiyina Friday Oshoffa.

Sitting at Moshood Street, Ketu, at Pastor Mobiyina’s living room were Baba Banjo, Shodunke, Abraham Ajose, Toriola, Baba Oshin, Baba Akanji, Tinu Ladoja and others alongside the pastor, to iron out modalities on how to tackle and resolve the welfare issues of the widows and children of the late founder, SBJ.

The emotionally intense meeting which left many of them downcast hearing their plights ended with a promise to constitute a committee that will henceforth look into the welfare of the aggrieved children and wives of the late Pastor founder.

The 70th anniversary constituted committee issue was also brought up where they totally disagreed with the exemption of them except Edith and Ebenezer Oshoffa , who were said to have been drafted into the committee, but placed under Snr. Evang. Soyemi, reason Ebenezer boycotted the meeting.

The issue of funding of the collapsed fence and some expenses which was said to have been done by Ketu which was later brought before the children as one of the things done by Ketu for the Oshoffas was amongst the things that really aggravated the angers of the widows and children of the late spiritual sage.

Certain amount of money was also said to have played out whereby the Pastor allegedly confirmed today that he instructed Sup Evang. Pius Olarewaju to pay the family from his salary only for Ketu to have presented documentation stating that the said amount of money was part of Ketu’s support to the family. We were informed by a reliable source that, the issue concerning that was readdressed and well explained to the children and widows.

The conspicuous absence of Pius Olarenwaju from the meeting led the Oshoffa children to demand for reason he was not with them at the meeting, but, Tinu Ladoja, a close ally to Mr. Pius and other Ketu authority was said to have come to his defense that he wouldn’t have attended such a meeting since it has become a tradition of the Oshoffa children to hurl abusive words at him on and off social media. We don’t know how true this is though.

One of the equally salient issues raised at the meeting was the demand by the children and wives for the entitlements of the late pastor founder. After all the deliberations which lasted for more than four hours, the BoT, assured the family that all issues discussed will be further looked into and the committee would get back to them in due course.

To set the record straight, methinks the Oshoffa children and widows should note at this point that, Celestial Church of Christ is registered as a non –profit, charitable organization, thus meaning, the issue of entitlement is not a subject of discussion and its holds no substance according to corporate governance code.

On Oshoffa’s married daughters, watch this space as there is a strong concern raised by one of them which will be coming your way soon on this same platform #CNO.

But in fairness, this issues raised by the children and widows of the founder are on point except, of course, the area of entitlement. If they have to raise an objection based on this, the children and widow of late Abiodun Alexandra Bada too have equal right to claim their father’s entitlement since their late father was co-builder of the church to this enviable status.

What do you think readers? Are we missing something here?

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17 responses to “Oshoffa’s Widows, Children Meet With Celestial BoT…Elders Emotionally Down Hearing Their Plights”

  1. Akinleye Emmanuel says:

    The value of leadership is by example, after seeing various comment on the issue, it become important that we must accept that majority of our elder has failed the church in term of evolution and development since Papa demise in 1987.
    With the brief history that papa told as the beginning of the church constitution showed that his family can’t be isolate from the church. He owned the church and his family has the fundamental right to know how the church is been run, Obviously Papa make some minor mistake in my own opinion by marrying many wives and large number,s of children but if the BOT has vision and structure this issue will not have been a national debate. I believe people knew that RCCG still pay the family of the founder some money for the up-keeping of themselves. It shameful that BOT is saying the committee use money to re-build collapsed fence so the financial dept in ketu don’t have plan of supplementary budget.
    Another issue was the instruction that the Pastor gave Snr.Evang pius and he choose not to collect out the order, it show that the pastor don’t have authority over some ‘cabel’ in ketu.
    On the 70th anniversary, the church has every to celebrate in term of spiritual and committed member but not committed elder; but the church don’t have anything to celebrate since 1987 in term of development both in human’s capital or modern value, its the abandoned building in ketu, mokoko e.t.c.
    Ebenezer Oshoffa was a Snr.Evang in CCC Ire-arkari parish Isolo has at 1984, so Papa Oshoffa was also build the church around his son during his life time, you can’t set up a committee and place such individual only someone authority.

  2. odubade says:

    all well said, my own message to all party on the whole issue is in hym 694 kasise fun iwenumo emi wa …………..

  3. Pro. A.O. Imoleoluwa says:

    Well… I want us to remember why celestial descended from heaven… Not bcos of ranking or royalty.. Let just accept whoever God choose to be our pastor, the indemm of man God is not for followers… Please Elders help us to Rebrand this church coz we youths are watching U all….

  4. James Babatunde says:

    Naomi Dalsiva, did you pray to labour in vain or envisage that your children should never be beneficiary to your struggle while on earth or after your demise? So think before you talk ma

  5. Olusheyi Coker says:

    Don’t mind Banjo subuola

  6. Naomi Da Silva says:

    Nice write up. I will try to peruse and deduce the followings.
    1 Pastor Founder Family Welfare
    2 Constitution of 70th Anniversary Committee

    By virtue of responsibility and apprecuation, I support the notion that the church should honour the Pastor Founder, in form of royalty by looking after his family after his demise. However, let us not forget that he had intentionally and by his spiritual inclination dropped the royalty back to the owner of the church, God Almighty. ‘ Leadership or Pastoral seat is not by heredity (royalty) or seniority (promotion)’. As at today, the leadership is under his eldest son, nothing stopped him from looking after this area sonce. Asking Mr Pius O to hand over some money to ‘his family’ is somehow awkward. Afterall his PA is his brother Solomon? Evidence of defficient management procedure.

    2 Inclusion of any member of the Pastir Founder’s family on any committee or management cadre should be a privilege and not right. The church can not for ever be ‘worshipping’ the family of Oschoffa. The essence of members coming in to tge church is due to his sporitual prowess and not the genetical composition. Enough of the family’s reliance on and milking of the church.

  7. Alao says:

    Pius Pastor ? I can’t stop laughing. in this church ? when the king that know no Joseph comes we shall see then. biggest shame.

  8. Collins says:

    Taiwo mayor,there is freedom to press and so you dont have the moral justification to condem or rebuke the reporter if not check your disorderliness and break-up in that family which promted this write up. Go to the point raised.

  9. Sunday Adegoke says:

    Halleluyah o, someone just confirmed to me now that Pastor is somehow downcast on hearing what Pius did to his sibbling whixh further confirmed this story. I never had wanted to believe initially until i spoke with one present in that meeting.

  10. Banjo Subuuola says:

    You are all saying what you don’t know. The power of Anthony of the church is in the hands of Pius. If you like embrace him and let’s have peace, if you refused to accept him, shortly after Mobiyina, be sure to have him as your next pastot. He’s ripe for it. All Hail The King Pius!

  11. k says:

    Durowoju, please tells us what you know then. And Abraham wept!

  12. Mathew Coker says:

    Hmmmmm, what a shameful act committed by Sup.Evang. Pius O, why was he not in the meeting which his fellow BOT were present?Something is smelling…. How muxh did Alagba Pius gives the family at Dec 2016 And on whose name was the money given? Can CNO contact Pius O to explain his role in this humiliation of Oshoffa Children? Information at disposal confirms the rate at which Ketu money was always taking to his residence at Gbagada, atimes He kept Pastor EMF Oshoffa at his Gbagada residence further placing a barrier between Rev EMF and his sibblings. Many eyes saw this on Social Media facebook posts calling Gbagada headquarter of CCC where pastor resides as against Ketu. Did pius give 250k to all Oshoffas families for the ammissa service that was held on September on Dec 2016? 4 months after ammissa. How did this man came into limelight wasnt behind Tosho Oshoffa who now kicks against the finger that brought him. Take note that EMF wives are not in good term with Oshoffa widows and their children. Enemity created by same Olanrewaju potraying them in Bad light

    • Taiwo Mayor says:

      Cno is not discuss any issue relating to your submission, how dare you come here to be tasking the publishers to report what us totally beyond their control ? I was told the publisher is a practise ng journalist, he should have done his homework well without anyone interfering or aiding him on what to do. Though, I sometime ask myself if the publisher himself is not biased with his write ups that are always one sided. May God help HIS church. Amen

  13. Durowoju says:

    Evang Kashimawo, u really don’t know where you got your own info from, yes you are right that Abraham cried but it was normal and nobody gave anyone anything to wipe face. You obviously cooked your own issue of the 500k up, yes there was an issued raised concerning that but you totally missed some point Alagba.

  14. Superior Evangelist Austin Ben says:

    Without much ado, i think, this meeting is uncalled for and purely inconsequential; I don’t think the church at large owe the OSHOFFA descendants any financial commitment aside honoring the man God used. Plz let us desist from this idea of seeing the late founder children as heir’s to the Church. They are not different from us that found ourselves in the fold from birth.

    • Tayo Ayeni says:

      Alagba Austin, God bless you big time. I really don’t know what these children have subjected themselves too. The church wouldn’t have been where he’s today but by collective efforts of each members. What right do they have to want to rule over us? It’s even wrong for Mibiyina to be an heir to the throne. He has his brothers around him as aides, it is also wrong. You see, the fact that he’s blind doesn’t me other are , the church must progress, that’s what we are concerned about.

  15. Evang. Kashimawo Jacob says:

    Yes o some points were omitted ,Season Films Just Started….CNO,remember that Pius Olanrewaju was asked to give them certain amount from pastor emf salary which is 500k but Olanrewaju was exposed by pastor emf for subjecting his sibblings to humiliations which prompted Alagba Abraham Ajose weeping profusely and When Pius Olanrewaju phone no couldnt be reached, Tinu Ladoja stood up in Pius defence which prompted One of the Eldest among Oshoffa wives to pounce on Tinu Ladoja and serious Noises ensued in the process of collaborating with pius to destroy Oshoffa families while they have theirs…. Hence Abraham Ajose wept a lot and he was given ………..to wipe of tears…. None of the BOT spoke as they buried their head in shame after hearing damages done to the family. As regards 70th anniversary , a lot of irregularities was made which prompted their refusal to allow their respected brother Alagba Ebenezer and Aunty Edith to ignore the acceptance of serving under Snr.Evang. Soyemi, Humiliations of highest order through Pius Advise.

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