Our Welfare System In CCC Is Wrong But They Have Money To Squander

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The issue of welfare packages for the clergymen in our church has become a topic of discussion lately. Things have been so bad that many shepherds are groaning because of the economic situation in the country. The apex body that is supposed to look in their direction is busy embezzling money and showing a lackadaisical attitude to their cries.

So, when one of us at CNO Nation’s WhatsApp platform put this together, we didn’t waste any time supporting it.

“There is a big difference between some pastors and our shepherds in CCC. While some are called by God, who in turn sustains them, those who call themselves will always not find themselves able to meet up with the demands of their office and that of the family.

Then the idea of engaging in a lucrative business is always lost on many thinking members who will support them. That was then.

Members that have no work or have not eaten because of the economic situation in the country will not have for themselves not to talk of having to share with their shepherds. It only takes the grace of God for many members to know their spiritual obligations to their Spiritual fathers. So, a shepherd who now engages in security work outside should redefine his calling with his maker. What active role has he established his wife to play here?

Apart from selling spiritual materials or sewing garments which are not available always, what else can they do? The world and times are fast changing so our shepherds all need to wake up from their slumber.

Then finally, what is the role of the church in the welfare program for shepherds and their families? Should I even bother asking about retirement benefits for them? When they are not taken care of while they are still active, who remembers them when they are tired and retired or even dead?
Our welfare system in Celestial is very wrong but they have money to squander on irrelevant issues while their officers suffer.

We will continue to preach restructuring until they get it right. What stops them allowing 50% rebates back monthly as salaries to shepherds based on their returns to the headquarters?
Must they even take from them all considering that some are merely surviving? Some are standing solidly while others are struggling to survive.
My humble take.”


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