Outsiders Get Quicker Answers To Prayer Requests Than Bonafide CCC Members, Why?

June 3, 2022 / Olaiya / Give & Take / 2 Comments »

If you want to see or know how CCC is blessed and how God has been using His servants to proclaim the word of God to people and how problems have been surmounted, listen to diverse testimonies all around the church. You will be shocked by what you will see for yourself, most especially when a parish has a function to be celebrated.

It is disturbing that an outsider gets solutions to their problems more than the bonafide CCC members. I used to wonder why it was always this way because it appears that strangers enjoy the church’s grace more than genuine CCC members.

Daily, there are numerous testimonies in CCC WW. I could remember how a lady came to the church with the prayer request of getting a suitor to marry because age was never on her side. After seeing the shepherd, engaging in fasting and prayer, the shepherd told him to pick a date for her wedding with the faith that the shepherd saw marital settlement. That same date picked by the sister was the same day she got married, while there are old-fashioned CCC singles still trusting God for suitors and spouses.

These are the outsiders that support the church with donations and anything you could ever think of when there is a need for it more than the members themselves.

What could be the problem that outsiders get answers to their prayer requests more speedily than we, the bonafide members of the church? Kindly share your submission in the comment section. Remain blessed!


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2 responses to “Outsiders Get Quicker Answers To Prayer Requests Than Bonafide CCC Members, Why?”

  1. Ebi Eduke says:

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  2. Ebi Eduke says:

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