Owambe Vocalists In CCC: How Failed Structure Has Turned Them

July 2, 2022 / Olaiya / Youth Arena / 2 Comments »

Since there are pretenders and lukewarm characters in the house of God, People can be saints and spiritual in the house of God, but once they are out of the church, they are something else. This could also be centred on the failed structure of the church.

Since there is so much support coming to a choir with talent from the parish level to the top, such a talented person needs to add one plus one together to earn a living.

The Celestial Church of Christ is not only supportive of raising a star, but all they know is to invite a star with a large sum of money who has made it through thick and thin while ignoring the ones in their parish who are even more talented than the star but were deserted because they are not yet stars.

CCC always wants to be associated with star talent to generate traffic for their functions. Millions of dollars paid into the accounts of stars to bring them to peak performance can be channelled into grooming the next generation, meeting their financial needs, arranging for various types of training to bring out the best in them, and making them physically stable.

It is assumed that a hungry man is an angry man. Lack of funds has turned many evangelists into owambe entertainers.

Some Pentecostal churches don’t pay their choir while some do, but the ones that don’t pay make provisions by supporting any member in need of a job, accommodation, feeding, etc anytime.

This was made possible by the working structure they have, but hoping CCC would also reach this level in terms of time.

Because of the hardship faced by many talented vocalists, they had no choice but to use what they had to get what they wanted. It is not a surprise we see many of them in the clubhouses singing just to fetch for themselves, which is not a place for a child of God to be because of exposure of all kinds.

The same mouth to praise God has turned to a mouth to praise drunkards and prostitutes. Many of them are evangelists in the church, but they are something else in the club, all for the sake of making money and, perhaps, bringing their stardom to the forefront.

There was a veteran gospel artist who had been singing gospel songs for years but nobody noticed her, but immediately she ventured into worldly songs, she became a star overnight.

The church is supposed to be a place where young Christian talents can be brought to the forefront and given all the support they require, but due to a failed structure, our vocalists have been exposed to so many things that can compromise them.

How many parishes have sent their choir to a studio for recording? Or how many parishes have seen the potential in their young talents and decided to send them to music school?

We can still get it right again if we can all go back to the drawing board and focus our attention to raise, and providing all kinds of assistance to the talented ones in this church.


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2 responses to “Owambe Vocalists In CCC: How Failed Structure Has Turned Them”

  1. MSE ALLISTAR says:

    A house built on sand…

    This write up struck a raw chord inside me.

    Evangelists glorifying drunkenness and prostitution in clubhouses? Not a one off occurrence but a consistent and continuous one.

    A time will come, when sound doctrine will be rare…

    That time is here….

  2. Ajiyo Babatunde says:

    U said it all,I met a man sometime he qout “Why do we Build Houses instead of building People” . meaning Rich people build houses every where and failed to invest in people .May God open our insight to know what is right for God.Amen.

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