Who Is The Owner Of Celestial City Estate, Imeko? (Images)

March 22, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Uncategorized / 4 Comments »

I will actually be lying if I said I haven’t heard about Celestial City Estate before. Sometime last year, one of the players of the property company called to inquire about placing their ad on #CNO but due to one or two logistic reasons, the deal was canceled. A few days ago, I received this message from one of our members who wants to know if the Celestial Estate has anything to do with the CCC directly or a private organization.

This is a question I do not have any answer to, reason we are publishing it here for concerned parties’ reaction.

“Alonge Micheal please kindly help me out with this pictures I sent to you, is handbill and a form that the land at Imeko, they have benefited selling it. The help I want from you is that the account number on that handbill is it for celestial or skyplus property and again who is the owner of Skyplus property? Please help us find out before we fall into private hands please. Is it Celestial Church authority property?”

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4 responses to “Who Is The Owner Of Celestial City Estate, Imeko? (Images)”

  1. Olumide says:

    So Pius don see imeko city land finish, arungun omo piusiiiiiii…..OK may be the money is to build the cathedral?

  2. Ven Seyi Festus says:

    How true is this information alagba Francis ?

  3. Superior Evangelist Francis Aihonsu says:

    Iam well informed that Skyplus Property and the bank account therein belong to PIUS and nobody else. If he disputes it, we shall bring all the bank details on the screen for all to see.

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