Papa Oshoffa’s Best Prayer Posture Unveiled …The Secret Behind It

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papa-oshoffa-prayerThere are no powerful prayers anywhere but rather powerful men with wisdom prayers to powerful God in powerful postures.

So many Christians today don’t know the difference between various postures while praying.

I quite understand our God is so merciful and answers all supplications regardless of our postures most time.

There was not a single particular posture that was always required from worshipers when addressing the Lord with our requests. But postures are more important in the sense that they are the external expression of reverence, inner feelings, and commitments to the Lord.

But in case you don’t know, any prayer you render while on your knee is more powerful and spiritual than just mere request. But there is a secret posture Papa Oshoffa displayed, it has a spiritual interpretation. Holding your two hands together and bend your head in total submission to God. This is why it’s mandatory to us when will sing Jerimoyamah to always place out two hands together.

Daniel prayed on his knees three times a day (Dan 6:10), Stephen fell on his knees and talked to the Lord before he died as a martyr (Acts 7:60), and Peter knelt down before the corpse of Tabitha, prayed for her and she came back to life (Acts 9:40; see also Acts 20:36; Ephesian 3:14).

Papa S. B J Oshoffa saw this with spiritual eyes long time ago and gave us the spiritual key to unlock doors of many mysteries. The secret behind it is ‘all I have surrendered to you almighty Jehovah. I hold nothing else…all adorations, honours, glories belong to you’

The best way to fight spiritual war is on your knees. Let’s take for instance soldier on physical war, the best way they shoot an enemy is when they placed their riffles on knees on the floor before they are balanced for perfect targets.

Those pastors you see standing while praying in day time still go on their knees before their creator silently at night, except the ones who are spiritually blind folded.

If you have never tried that before, I will teach you what exactly to do at exact time of the day and your life will never remain the same again.

This topic is too wide than what I can just write in bits and pieces but I will teaching more on spiritual prayers and counseling/dreams interpretation at Hamoshia Parish on December 1st, 2016 (Elepe, ijede road, Ikorodu area of Lagos)

Give it a trial and your life will never remain the same again in Jesus Name.


I am Fisayo Joel

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