Parent Teach Your Son To Be A Man And Not A Beast

April 16, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / Add Comment »

When you get married / if you are married and have kids, constantly teach your son that he is not better than females; imbibe in him the spirit of humility and debunk every perception of male chauvinism. He should equally cook sometimes like his sisters, he should wash, clean, tidy the house.

Teach him that if he is hungry, he needs to go and cook, not a woman..

Teach him that gizzard is for both genders..

If you’ll teach your female kids that Virginity is their pride, teach him same.

If you’ll have to teach your female kids that sleeping around makes them lose integrity, teach him same..

Teach him that “HE CEASES TO BE A MAN AND BECOMES A BEAST” immediately he lays his hand on a woman..

Teach him not to think about marriage only because he cannot cook, because he’s too busy or lazy to wash his clothes. No..

Teach him that what makes him a real man is how he treats his woman;

Teach him that his responsibility is to love his woman like Christ loved the church,

Teach him that listening to his woman doesn’t make him a weak man..

Teach him that his woman has no business trying to keep him by going by some rules, nope. He’s got to be responsible enough to stay committed..

Teach him that his opinions ain’t superior just because he is male..

Teach him a lot of things that will save his future woman from pains and agony.

-Gbenga Kehinde Oyeleye

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