Parents Interference In Children’s Relationships Puts Asunder To Their Destiny

December 29, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 1 Comment »

As parents, we tend to dislike our children’s spouses who are brought home without our authorisation, and will constantly try to interfere with the relationship. The reason parents have this kind of mindset is because they feel threatened by the beau or boo of their child and see their control of the child slipping away.

So when we interfere in the affair of these two great minds who have fought hard to overcome all obstacles to be what they want to be, it weakens the foundation of their affair and such a relationship cannot bring forth good tidings.

For example, a parent could go to a prophet and say, “Prophet, there is one fine man coming to look for our daughter but we don’t know what is wrong with the girl, she is chasing away the fine man. What we want you to do is to call her and tell her that the man is her husband.” The prophet would then call the girl and say to her: “Is there anyone coming to visit you at home? That person is your husband.” He says this without prayer or revelation. The sister too is not given time to pray. That way, her destiny is put in disorder.

The best we can do as parents is to enhance it and help them build an endearing home better than yours.

Anyone can have a child and call himself or herself a parent but a real parent is someone who puts that child above their own selfish needs and wants. So, when your child has decided, cuddle him and lead him or her to the right path.

May God guide and guard your children to choose rightly! Amenayo-irawo

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  1. AA Peter says:

    Good message, can you please try to always identify people in the picture and if the picture was just for illustration purposes.

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