What Parents Should Watch Out For During Baby Christening In CCC

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Naming Ceremony has a process in Celestial Church of Christ. When a child is being given birth to, the procedure as given in CCC aligns with the Bible perspective of naming the child on the eighth day, and is brought to the tabernacle to be named. It is known in Celestial Church that only God knows the name and gives the name of the child as seen evident in the Bible, where God changed the name of Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel, Sarai to Sarah, and Isaac as from the mouth of the Lord or His divine inspiration.

Likewise the name of Jesus Christ was revealed by the Holy Spirit via prophecies and by angels to His mother and also John the Baptist, whose was then married to Mary then. We rely on divine revelation from God to know the name of the child. In naming ceremony, those children that used to bear angelic names e.g Raphael, Gabriel or other names that’s not really popular like e.g Ebenezer, Christiana, Christopher, Celestina etc, what is the significant of the names in their lives?

I heard that names given to children in CCC have something to do with the Biblical character they are named after. But not all names in CCC are Biblical according to some schools of thought. The name a child is given will have significance alliance with his/her lifestyle, purpose, destiny and calling.

There are names like Joseph the female Josephine, Emmanuel, female Emmanuella etc, they are based on the male version as Biblical.

It is expedient that every parent confirm their child’s name spiritually to be sure it’s correct. If your parent did not do that for you, now that you are grown up in the spiritual way, present your name yourself and ask if that is truly yours, if that is the name God registered for you.

Any name not found in our Bible is not given to us. If Catholics have it in their Bible that’s them, Celestial is different. Any prophet that names a child Celestina should be checked and queried by the Shepherd.

A name is the total essence of the person and when you encounter certain things on your journey in life, if you study your name well you can pull through. Now what did Celestina and Albertina want to study o?

When you bear outside names, you will begin to listen to a third party story about yourself. Because there is no place in the Bible where you can study the spirit of your name. Those names are originated from the Israelites’ descendant and some are in the full version of the Bible, mostly the Catholic people name their children i.e. Judith, Edith, Tobith..

-Myk Tolani Adele

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  1. Joan Olutola- Adebayo. says:

    The Word of God is one. There should be no discrimination where the Bible is concerned. The Catholic version of the Bible only happens to contain some other books not available in the version used by others. Both were extracted from the complete Bible which is more comprehensive. The Body of Christ is one please. Let us be careful. God bless you.

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