Passion Of Christ: Things You Need To Know This Week

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In Christianity, the Passion is the short final period in the life of Jesus Christ covering his entrance visit to Jerusalem and leading to his crucifixion on Mount Calvary, defining the climactic event central to Christian doctrine of Salvation History.

We, Celestial Church members, who are observers of the Passion Week are expected to know all these proceedings.

12th of April 2017 (Holy Wednesday)

  • Hourly Worship
  • Needy service 9am
  • Break of Fasting 6pm


13th of April 2017 (Holy Thursday)

  • Hourly Worship
  • Break of fasting 6pm
  • Washing of the feet 6:30pm
  • Holy Communion 8pm

14th of April 2017 (Good Friday)

  • Special Passion Devotion Service in the Mercy Land till 3pm as given in the CCC order of service

15th of April 2017 (Holy Saturday)

  • Sanctuary service, 10pm

16th of April 2017 (Easter Sunday)

  • Annual Easter Thanksgiving Service

17th of April 2017 (Easter Monday)

  • Galilee


* We may avoid usage of Loins on Friday but not mandatory but full regalia or Caped sutana should not be seen on anyone.

* The delicacy for Friday 3:01pm and above is usually KOKO (pap).

*No prophet/prophetess doing divination, Ishona is expected to be done in this week especially on Friday.

*From Palm Sunday, we change to Hosannah, on Monday it becomes Hallelujah, on Easter Sunday we return to Halleluyah. CCC is perfect

* Every one of us must endeavour to take fruits to the church and drop it at the mercy land (Friday) or inside the church before 6pm service commences in the evening (daily aside Friday).  The fruits will be fed upon by all members. No one is expected to buy fruits for personal/self-consumption, all fruits must be submitted and, the congregation after the break of fast, eats the gathered fruits in the spirit of Love.

* The resurrection evangelism (Easter Sunday morning 5:30 to 9:59am) should not be used as a means of generating money from the public. It is noteworthy to state that some parishes’ visits non CCC members home not for the purpose of announcing the resurrection of Jesus but to sing praise them and get monetary rewards. This must stop!

* CCC shepherds are to ensure that the sermon to be treated on Sunday (Easter) is in accordance to the Bible lesson read. No personal topic should be introduced. This must stop!

*CCC choristers must spiritually select hymns for that day as usual as Jesus Christ Himself will visit all Celestial parishes worldwide on this very day as usual.

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