Pastor Abandons His Pregnant Wife In Labour To Have S3x With Church Member

November 19, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

A pastor has left many people completely shocked with his randy acts after he was found having s3x with another woman. He narrowly escaped being killed by an angry mob recently.

The pastor was nearly lynched by irate youths after he was caught sleeping with a church member while his pregnant wife was in labour.

According to a report by the INK newspaper, the ‘man of God’ identified only as Pastor Abraham, had to bear the wrath of angry youths who caught him sleeping with a church member’s wife.

Pastor Abraham who reportedly serves at the Mount Zion Light House Full Gospel Church in Utu Nto Obio Ekop, in Etim Ekpo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom, was said to have abandoned his wife who had gone to the hospital to birth their child, and went on to his lover’s house to have a good time.

Even though Pastor Abraham was a renowned prayer warrior and a spiritual father of the woman and her husband, he had gone ahead to carry on a hot romantic affair with her.

He was caught after the woman’s neighbours went to her house after out of curiositygossip when the pastor had spent a considerable amount of time alone in there.

The neighbours had walked in on the lovers and promptly rallied the youths into shaming them. The youths broke into the apartment, beat up the pastor and dragged him naked to the town hall, alongside his lover.

Pastor Abraham said he had left his wife who was in labour, at the Government Health Center in Akai Udoe which is about 10kms away, before joining his lover at home.

He was later fined N200,000, a goat, tubers of yam, drinks and other things, after his father who is the presiding pastor of their church intervened.

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