Pastor Mobiyina Focuses On Completion Of Imeko Cathedral, Rev Omoge Is Planning To Build University

March 7, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 17 Comments »

Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa, Rev. Beni Omoge & Prince Osagie Owie

Prince Osagie Owie, one of the members of this church, has expressed his thoughts about the present situation of the church but pointed out reasons Celestial members must embrace the novel project of his Rev. Omoge, leader of one of the factions under the late Baba Paul Maforikan.

#CNO is more interested in that area that states that Reverend Omoge is planning to erect a university, hospital etc in the name of Celestial Church of Christ on the expanse of land named Celestial Golden City located at Lagos Ibadan Expressways. For us, it’s an inimitable idea and it will indeed be a lovely and gloriously effort to be celebrated by all and sundry. But how soon are all these projects coming to fruition?

Read his submission below and leave a comment please.

“ Oh celestial where are we going……… Time to wake up! What is wrong to our great church?

Beside, but for papa Oshoffa, pastor Bada, pa Ajanlekoko, pastor Ajose, Pastor Jesse, Pastor Maforikan

And all other spiritual fathers of Celestial Church, who dedicated their works for the progress and uplift of the church. If not for their great works none of our present fathers would be where they are today.

Yes we have waited for the rightful and anointed pastor. Glory be to God he has chosen and anointed Rev Gabriel Beni Omoge to continue the good work. This is the basic truth and fact. A great pastor with a vision for all Celestians, this truth we all know except those who lack spiritual wisdom to see that Celestial Golden City at kilometers 28 Lagos Ibadan express way belongs to all CCC.

The truth remains that Rev Beni Omoge has ordered that all money from ipin / dues and anointment / Ami ororo should be used to develop this great Golden city.

Rev Omoge remains a record breaker when he declared openly that he doesn’t need Celestial salary or money. Oh what a great man.

Imagine the great Cathedral of over 32 years old now and nothing to write home about. And some people pretend that all is well. While other churches have gone far in terms of development and sincere administrative works, we still lag behind.

In case you don’t know Celestial Golden City is 180,000 plot of land with a cathedral of over 75,000 sitting capacity, University, Administrative Office, Secondary School, Hospital, Library, Primary school e.t.c to be built on it.

The man that is doing this is no other person but Rev Beni Omoge, the chosen one to take CCC to the promise land. Any CCC member is free to visit and see the level of progress on the land anytime. If care is not taken the Cathedral which Papa Oshoffa laid its foundation, children yet unborn will not know anything about it.

The church of God has turned to political arena! Oh my God! for how long shall we continue like this?

The joy of going to Imeko Cathedral for anointment is fading away like a chaff…Oh Celestians! Discipline is no longer with the church, honestly is a bygone issue, loyalty to God’s work no longer in the church dictionary. Thief, immorality etc have now gone PLC in the church. Disrespect to the leadership is now a praise song, unacceptable manners to the church is the talk of the town.

It is clear that the present leadership of the church does not understand the value of the church. It does not understand it virtues either. And that explains why they have deliberately maintained an indifferent attitude towards it.

A day is coming when people, who understand the values of the struggle and the virtues of sacrifice as personified by our past pastors, will be chosen and anointed by God to lead us right…


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17 responses to “Pastor Mobiyina Focuses On Completion Of Imeko Cathedral, Rev Omoge Is Planning To Build University”

  1. John says:

    Hmmmmm if truly we want to progress in ccc y do we condemn tins in haste. Evry1 is speaking their mind xcept for d few dt a biased if d ppl at imeko tink dt is their heritage n hold on to it without any development, go to ketu n tell me where is ccc ofis our youth a jobless even d full grown a not wit gud jobs n we a still singing bitter songs which is still affecting our progress till 2moro. Since we av fail to to resolve d’s tussle since 80s let’s jus bilif dt ccc is 1 n shun hatred dt almost engulf us all. We need Gud projects dt will redirect our part to glory. Let’s those dt av Imeko as their heritage develop it for d glory of ccc n let others do wat is gud to project ccc. One tin …. oju Oluwa mi wo ise re .. One tin I knw is dt am a Celestian n pitch my tent with those dt I bilif in not on any bilif or history dt is devoid of th Lord doing. Alleluyah

  2. busayo omotosho says:

    The Golden city is just a prophency from the baba, this is a great city God appointed for C.C.C.

  3. ijo Mimo says:

    To start with Mr John Oshin may the good Lord of Celestial bless you. Sometimes it’s so amazing how people reason. One, if Beni Omoge claim to have the interest of Celestial and believe in the calling of Papa SBJ then he should not make the same mistake every other so called leader has made.Imeko cathedral has been on hold since Papa left, after which the conference centre was started close to cathedral right? ,then this same land at the ibadan express way was also acquire right?.many other project has been embark on since Papa left that imeko and yet we claim to believe in SBJ calling?,definitely all the CCC elders are not because all this resource would have been focus on Papa project and make sure they all complete before starting any other one.but as typical ambitious people they are. They also want their names on something. Same pattern Omoge wanna take now.however I put it to all of you that you are Papa and the church enemy. Who make you a Pastor anyway? the same way someone came from Ondo to proclaimed Pastor for someone that year? I smh for all of you. You all better go and take off that Pastor ego off your shoulder and concentrate on how to meet your creator and give account to him when it’s time. Anything out of the rule and the commandments Papa give before sleeping is nor and void. We might have our differences yes it’s allow we will settle it as a family but any Celestial out of MAKOKO,KETU,IMEKO is deceiving him or herself. Come back home and let’s fight and settled as a family. CELESTIAL IS ONE!!!

    • Mary says:

      So if it were you given the post of the pastorship you wont go beyond what the founder or past pastors have done.Mind you Rev Omoge is not trying to make name for himself,he is trying to develop the church and place it at the standard of other churches.We will be 70years what are the things we can boast of as a church within the years?Let us Reason and stop deceiving ourselves.What have the so called Makoko and ketu done to develop the church?Answer me

  4. Destiney fasegha says:

    U wil all witness it IJN

  5. Prophet Adegbenro. says:

    My able pastor need no one approval to do what God ordered him. Which of the elders are you people are you people referring to? The same who padled the ship of this great church to where it is? Anyone person who want to do good must not listen to advise from corrupt persons. The foundation is reconstructed so, the building can’t and will not fall, cos the right hands are put in the right place. Rt Rev pastor Beni Gabrael Omoge is not there to torsule power with any persons. That’s bcos he’s always remembering the reason and conditions given to him by his master (Jesus Christ ). Concerning the golden city, it’s not fictionalized, anybody can accuire a land as long you are celestian! Question the Pastor Omoge led Diocese of anything concerning the administration and monetary aspect ,he is willing to explain. We don’t have anything to hide. Celestial church is an institution with different departments and leaders. So, does it mean the institution is factional because we have leader for each of the department? Jesus Christ is the head of this institution, those pastoring are just leaders of each department. Think celestial church.

  6. Dami says:

    I see why the church is like this… Someone even think of University…. See comment…. Ijomimokolebaje

  7. Solomon Albert says:

    let make a.change make GOD wipe all d bad leaders of our church ijn AMEN

  8. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    God bless you Mr John Itunu Oshin. Thks

  9. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    Liars and betrayals, Golden city my foot. You people have started again abi? God is watching you all.

  10. Oki Daniele says:

    These is the choosen and ordained supreme head of celestial church of Christ worldwide……ride on Rev Beni Omoge let the Good works and projects continue……. may God of S.BJ Oshoffa strengthen u.

  11. G says:

    @ osaige,u don’t have interest in building imeko auditorium yet u are pointing finger against does using there time to make process ,start your projects to confuse imeko auditorium that it getting late, either good or bad everyone will b rewarded

  12. Solomon Adebayo. j says:

    Sylvanus Alphonsus, why using panadol for another man’s headache when they arent complaining on the manner they spent Imeko Money, Do they allow Jorotom free hand to operate? Power that be from above but they can buy estates. Build schools in cotonou, buying houses in abeokuta, building houses close to SBJ Oshoffa Auditorium leaving their father Project, how many months doest that take them before completion? Yet Obasanjo lammented on this at His Hilltop while reminding them. The plot behind Jorotom removal without official handover of that committee tells us all that something is fishing and unpleasant odour is coming from Ketu. The season film had just started through anti fraud invitation, one should wonder what has anti fraud of Nigeria Police wanted in Top heirrachy if truly they hadnt been perpetrating dubious act. Keeping Jorotom Silence by tagging him names is what they feel was the best option and subsequent removal without any handover note. The Era of operating foolishly is gone. I will commend whosover took the bold step to invite Anti fraud into their affairs. May he live long and the spirit of SBJ dwells in his home. This day is 7th when all elders invited by anti fraud will appear before people they are meant to pray for. Who is a man of God? Press must be allowed to Cover it all…..

  13. John Itunu Oshin says:

    It’s a good initiative, but let’s come under one umbrella. Celestial is one, God is one, and Celestial Registration under CAC is one, how would it be so fantastic if we can put our heads together, recognizing Imeko as our world hqtrs, Makoko as our National hqtrs, Ketu as our Int’l directorate hqtrs, km 53, Lagos-Ibadan expressway as our corporate Int’l Hqtrs. Excellent for the university project to come, but what’s your own contributions towards Imeko projects. The Africa Jerusalem, a tourist center to be. Don’t let us forget the vision of papa Oshoffa, don’t forget the first day you came in to CCC, don’t forget that santan even pretend to speak messages like angels of God, and knew the bible more than we do, so let’s be ware. May God help us all to move in the right path, thanks.

  14. Annonymous says:

    Only time shall tell… It is good to advocate a nice project which i srongly support but take into consideration the predators appointed as co-servant. Let the project kick off…. All in the name of Celestians. A One united body achieves greater things in life than divisible bodies litters on ground. Under whose name? Same Celestial. I pray the predators all Rev. Beni Omoge to achieve good to talk project. We shouldn’t also condemn that of imeko because same predators are breed all over which is affecting Imeko Cathedral. Recycling committees leaving predators unaddressed but growing stronger.

  15. Sylvanus Aihonsu says:

    Hallelutah, what VERY GOOD plans and projects these are, however I have my reservations. The house that divides in itself shall not stand. As marvelous as these plans are, once the foundations are faulty, it will definitely get to nowhere but a mirage.
    All these are business tactics that each of the Factional Leaders are exploiting to ‘win’ members to their own selfush ends.

    Mobiyina (Imeko) – Definitely, all members will be happy to see this completed and functional very soonest. However, is Mobiyina and Ketu prepared to give account of “Imeko Funds’ collected to date, even if it is to be spanning to his reign only? Is he ready to tell the entire church members what happened to N20m donated by Baba Jolapamo towards this? Is Ketu prepared to tell the real reason behind the termination of Jorotom-led Imeko Building Committee and the immediate reconstitution of new ones? Could it be the refusal of Jorotom to sign BLANK CHEQUES for Rev Mobiyina? Could this be the reason for the invitation for questioning by the EFCC?

    Beni Omoge (Celestial Holden City). As good as it may sound, can he only decide for CCC Worldwide without consultation with other factional leaders and notable elders?

    We all need to realise THERE IS NO PASTOR in Celestial and there HAD NEVER BEEN ONE SINCE THE DEATH OF PAPA SBJO.

    Until we retrace our footsteps and make amends, we are but joking

  16. Emem Ojo says:

    Woooow!!!!!!… “” “”projects of such magnitude on Church land shouldn’t be a sole decision….. Let’s put aside Ungodly court order, as long as the Celestial Family can Stil identify a godly character /attributes among my Rev. Prophet Bilehou Oshoffa’s blood relations then pls respect should be accorded them and such decisions should have their Stamp of support as well as that of top hierarchy of this Great Celestial church…. ***Other religious bodies are watching pls

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