Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa Inaugurates Committee For Celestial At 70 (Photos)

January 21, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 6 Comments »

Cele @ 70 Committe 00 Cele @ 70 Committe 0 Cele @ 70 Committe 01 Cele @ 70 Committe 2 Cele @ 70 Committe 3 Cele @ 70 Committe 4 Cele @ 70 Committe 5 Cele @ 70 Committe 6 Cele @ 70 Committe 7 Cele @ 70 Committe 8 Cele @ 70 Committe 09 Cele @ 70 Committe 9 Cele @ 70 CommittePastor and spiritual Head of Celestial Church of Christ, His Eminence, Rev. Mobiyina Friday Emmanuel Oshoffa has inaugurated committee members for the platinum Jubilee of the church at Makoko National Headquarters which is slated to hold in September this year.

More updates about the outcome of the meeting and committee as soon as we are able to get. Meanwhile, these photos were taken by Asst. Sup. Evang. Ayodeji Shonekan, one of the aides to Pastor Mobiyina.

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6 responses to “Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa Inaugurates Committee For Celestial At 70 (Photos)”

  1. joseph says:

    hymn 694

  2. abraham says:

    Oba ti kin gbabge wa,yo ranti ijo iyi. Ni oruko JESU

  3. prophect adedokun oluwa seun says:

    E ku ise ta kun ta kun. Ileri Oluwa yo se Lori ijo mimo ni oruko JESU amin

  4. Oluwatumise says:

    Halleluyeh to all Celestial Church

  5. Houndeyin Francis says:

    We pray this helps. To me, Ketu is only patching a ‘run-down building’. To actually renovate and re-energise the church, Ketu must openly accept her fault in creation of the unnecessary division. Not until this, it is all means of filling the pockets of individual opportunists. Any 70th Jubilee Celebration without the TOTAL UNITY of CCC as laid by Pastor Founder SBJO, is a total waste of money, time and human power but a loophole for easy get rich quick for opportunists.

    Areas to consider
    1 Division between Porto Novo and Nigeria ‘sectors’ of Celestial Church of Christ. I am aware some people will be telling me that the separation had been in place since Papa SBJO’s days. However, I challenge you to check on the authority and authenticity of command in his days compared to today
    2 Various Factions in Nigeria Sector of Celestial Church of Christ. Efforts should be made in openly displaying the “TRUE COPIES of the church’s registration at the CAC (Company House) and the signatories to the church constituted authorities. I challenge you all to be aware that Pa Banjo and Pa Owodunni although still alive ARE NO MORE MEMBERS OF TRUSTEES. Why? Is there any section of Nigeria Law that authorises that you can eliminate or relieve anybody of such a post without his / her consent?

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