Patron (Baba Ijo) Sends Shepherd Packing…Says He Didn’t Respect Him (Photo)

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The Patron

This is another report coming from one of our Parishes, CCC Iyanu Central Cathedral, Ibafo, Ogun State.

This said parish, we were reliably informed, has been under total control of a self-acclaimed patron, Evang. Oye Akinyeye. According to one of the parishioners, the patron has been treating shepherds in the Parish as errand boys, both past and present ones, ordering them to pack without any prior notice or order from the apex body of the church.

We further heard that since he assumed the status of Patron, he has been the only signatory to the church accounts and he gives no proper accountability whatsoever. “No one knows what the church has in the account. He treats church elders as if they are his servants. His decision should not be questioned or contested for by anyone. He says the church is not under any authority (Headquarters).”

Well, further digs by us revealed that the church actually is under Baba Lagun and that there was a time Baba Lagun Adesanya allegedly sued him but he never appeared in court or followed the court orders.

The youth and the elders, as we were told, are fighting to liberate the church but he has personally imposed someone, Asst. Evang Ajayi Christopher as the chairman of the church over eight years now, this said Chairman, we learnt, is his loyalist who is always helping his wife out in her shop to sell things and has been the brain behind feeding him everything concerning the church and how to get things done.

Information at our disposal also states that, the Shepherd, Sup. Evang. Olusegun David Orolu has been advised by one Woleader Johnson to allow peace reign by simply leave the church for the said patron since he’s hell-bent in rubbishing his anointing. As you are reading this, the Shepherd and his team are said to have moved to a smaller place somewhere around where they worship God in peace.

Meanwhile, a message to the Shepherd concerning this issue is yet to be responded to while effort to reach the said Baba Ijo was aborted but we are still working on getting other avenues to get to the root of the matter as soon as possible.

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11 responses to “Patron (Baba Ijo) Sends Shepherd Packing…Says He Didn’t Respect Him (Photo)”

  1. Ayotunde says:

    I had about this issue too and this same baba ijo is an ungrateful man the founder of that parish which is baba giga only help help his wife wen she was at point of death and evar since then he join the church and they made him church patron his not the owner of that church oo that man must be ogboni because that is the way they always do and I pray that God should take absolute control

  2. Lizzy says:

    Frankly speaking this is nonsense.

  3. vicky jimoh says:

    hmmmm,pls can I use this medium to ask what the duties,roles of baba ijo,Iya ijo are?,what is the stand of celestial constitution on these positions,are they lifetime post or has tenure?, ,what is the criteria for selection or election,,,is spiritually or ogbon ori kally,,,,,,,,i beg enlighten me….as for the cathedral in Ogun state,let’s jointly tell it to the lord in prayers. Abacha did more than that,pharoas oppression on the Israelites was bigger than this,but at the end nko?????let God handle this.

  4. Omotola says:

    Hmmm what a shame!!! May God intervene.

  5. Adebare says:

    The patron is diabolical. He claims that nobody can dare him and will not suffer it. Is that supposed to be a patron of a parish in cele. Iranu

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s a total unwelcome idea for a mere church Payton to have power over an anointed man of God mo matter how wealthy you may be. That’s is total no sense. I hope Lagun who is the factional leader of that church should endeavour to put things in the right perspective. Wrath n of God is coming on us, let’s thread with caution.

  7. Lizzy says:

    I used to attend d church ocationally since I moved to Ibafo & d issue was wat stopped me from going cos I witness a protest during d last service I went for.I pray God take perfect control in Jesus name.

  8. Abike says:

    that is what we are saying instead the so called elders we look for peace and how stable the church will be they are fighting for post and money I hope the ketu that talks about ipin will intervain

  9. Ejalolaye 1 says:

    Halleluyah, well done and may The Good Lord of Oshoffa continue to Strengten you. I will advice you direct this to the State Evangelist for proper actions to be taken, I simply believe every occurrence has a beginning and an end, pls contact him and I know he will define a long lasting Solution to their problem.

  10. Ogunrotimi Opeyemi says:

    Huuum may God help us in this fold let be in sprit who ever build a church is doing so for uplift God work not that he or she should impose he or herself on the church they are many like that this so called matrons & patrons pls let there be peace o

  11. JOHN Magbagbeola says:

    In fact this Baba Ijo is nothing more to be compared with terrorism acts on most shepherds posted there. Orolu liberated members from Getting him as the only one to be killing harvest cows and foods. Now simply because Prophet Orolu liberated members from becoming pauper under this man who a times says benediction upon members without shepherds authority, he is now sent out, same baba ijo hijacked the parish from the original parish founder and scatter his children. They are all in ibafo , world oil bus stop, Ogun state. Only God can save rememaining members from this evil imposture called Church patron who hails from Ondo town in Ondo state.

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