People That Actually ‘Killed’ Star Actress, Moji Olaiya

June 10, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 11 Comments »

What this article has taught me is that, i should love myself and be proud and be thankful of everything that i do in this sinful world of ours, even my mistakes. Most times, mistakes means, you are trying.

When people live in the shadow of their old self, they tend to see every ugly situation they encounter as being their fault. As we build trust in ourselves, the ability to expand our vision and fully live in our magnificence is amplified. It’s not possible to love another without loving yourself first. Probably, these people might have truly killed the Nollywood star actress, Moji Olaiya.

As written by one JAA:

“I watched with tears the burials proceedings of actress Moji Olaiya. In attendance were people that actually killed her, yes, THE families, THE friends, THE media and THE society at large.

Doctors said she died of complications arising from giving birth but I say no, she died of society pressures, especially our Yoruba settings.

A lady is unmarried at 30years plus, they put pressure on her….( gbogbo egbe ti  marry tan)

She got married and waiting for baby…(o ti  fi kekere se iranu).

She did not have a baby at all…..(agan  aye ni)

She has only one child….( olomokan ko ri aye wa)

She has only girls….(o ye ki e bi okunrin)

She suffered divorced from violent marriage…….. (Ilemosu ni)

She decided to stay on her own….(olosho ni)

She is broke and cannot meet up with expectations…. ( o ti  tan fun)

Her car is faulty and she decided to walk the street, they won’t ask after her children…….( moto yin da)

She stays abroad for more than five years without having a building at home, but keep sending money home to her people at home…….(bo se lo, lo se bo)

She carried drug to meet up with home pressures and got caught……. (Asiri ara ile yin ti  tu).

Moral of the epistle, live your life………


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11 responses to “People That Actually ‘Killed’ Star Actress, Moji Olaiya”

  1. Tèmitayọ says:

    Do you mean she dies due to being pressurised?
    If No! The content of your message is very okay but you don’t have to/need to attached her name on it.

    I saw that as data traffic!
    Happy Sunday.

  2. Folorunso says:

    Just try to be your self
    Goodnight moji olaiya

  3. Khid Mhayor...... says:

    Total truth, i commend you for this, your thinking is right. When total pressure comes from all spheres of life, the worst is bound to happen. RIP aunt.

  4. Alayo says:

    So painful, Rest in peace Moji Olaiya

  5. m/c olufowora says:

    You said it all.Our people are the problems facing each individual.Just live your life leave them to their own opinions.

  6. feoluwa hamilton says:

    oro niiiii

  7. Mother in Celestial says:

    Food for thought pls live ur life, dnt think of what people say or think about you, na them get their mouth either good or bad they must talk, Moji rest in peace.

  8. emerald says:

    Rest in peace moji olaiya

  9. Ajanaku J says:

    Hmmm, Rest in peace Moji Olaiya simi lokan Olugbala we.

  10. Bola Areh,Omo Baba Jerimoyamah. says:

    Food for thought.

  11. Ogunrotimi Opeyemi says:

    May her soul rest in peace such is live

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