People Who Opted Out Of CCC For Other Denominations Still Face This

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In Yoruba, there is an adage that says there is no place where happenings are not but the more we look, the less we see. Another proverb says, if you go far, you will discover that crippled grasshoppers are available.

Due to unpleasant contacts or experiences in some CCC parishes, I’ve observed instances where people chose to avoid Celestial Church in favour of other denominations. The truth is that some other denominations still do what you are complaining about before quitting CCC.

On the #CNONation platform, a member shared what happened in a big CAC church where his friend’s brother happened to be a pastor of the English

He said, “I used to visit him a lot, and I got to know his colleague, who was the pastor handling the Yoruba church in the same compound.” It was later exposed that the Yoruba pastor had a miniature coffin in his wardrobe.

One of his concubines exposed him to the church, and they searched his wardrobe and saw the miniature coffin. He was chased out of CAC. But today, the man is the founder of his church (shrine) with members in Lagos.

Another member on the #CNONation platform also shared his experience and wrote, “One Iya Ori Oke invited me in 2007. I went there. As I was moving around the mountain, I saw an isolated, padlocked room far away from the mountain buildings. A voice told me to go to the back of the room and peep through the window. When I arrived, termites had eaten the wood used to make the window, so I could easily pull it open. I saw uncountable lizards living inside the room with bowls of water and food.

The Iya Ori Oke caught me looking anyway, and she became seriously angry. She told me whatever I saw was my business because she was just following what some leading prophets in ORI OKE taught her. I told her to repent, and I walked away that same night. I did not wait to minister at all in the vigil she invited me to; 3 months later, she had an accident on the Ilesa-Ibadan Expressway, and it took a week to find her decapitated head in the bush.

Today, Fulanis are the ones using some of her church buildings to cater for their cattle. None of her churches is functioning at all. Not only that. Her husband died within a year, and her children are now drug addicts living on the streets.”

So many people who avoid white-garment churches and opt for places where people worship with muftis still encounter those coven pastors, but the bottom line is to have a personal encounter and relationship with the Messiah, the marker of the universe.

We should all be cautious about where we go, who touches us, and who we trust as shepherds and pastors. This is the end time, and there are many fake prophets and pastors everywhere to lead the children of God astray. A genuine relationship with God is the key.


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