Pharisees Never Liked Jesus Christ, Just Like Some Celestians Never Liked My Father- Imoleayo Maforikan

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Imoleayo Maforikan & MC Edith Oshoffa

Imoleayo Maforikan is one of the beautiful daughters of the late Celestial spiritual leader, Reverend Suru Paul Maforikan. In a brief chat during her dad’s burial, the delectable mother of two who confessed to have missed her late dad greatly said his dad was not liked by many because of his forthrightness.

Hear her, “Well, my father was a rare Gem, he taught us how to pray and believe in God in times of trial and tribulations. What can a father give to his children than prayer? I love him and i miss him so much.”

On her late father’s fulfilled unification drive, Imoleayo said, “Yes he tried his best to make Celestial one but was betrayed by many. The Pharisees in the Bible we all read about didn’t like Jesus Christ just like Celestial never liked Baba Maforikan, but at the end, heaven is all that matters. Whatever you do on earth shall be accounted for in heaven. With God all things are possible, but without Love some things are impossible. We need love and prayer to make Celestial one.

6 responses to “Pharisees Never Liked Jesus Christ, Just Like Some Celestians Never Liked My Father- Imoleayo Maforikan”


    But you the children allowed those who hated him and never listened to him when he (the late Pastor) to preside over his burial. Those that stayed with him, when there was affliction, tribulation and evil challenges were sidetracked.


    I reserve my comments but remember

  2. Mojisola adebayo says:

    Rest in peace daddy

  3. Samson EniOlorunfe says:

    That’s the point. We need love in C.C.C. to make this great church more greater in Christ.

  4. Olorunjuedalo says:

    That is just the truth, when Baba was alive how many of the elders went to greet him or seek advice ? Some churches insulted him at times when he go there to visit them. The people he brought from Ajase betrayed him except from just one person. So they can go for his burial but didn’t honour him when he was alive. Let’s see how much they would miss a legend like BAba Maforiakn.

  5. Debbie says:

    Well Said Imoleayo. What is the gain if the whole Celestial like him and he didn’t make heaven. He was loved by few who knows him. Yes we need Love in Celestial.

  6. dami king says:


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