Photo: Untold Story Of The Dude Whose Suicide Video Is Trending

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I received this article a few hours ago and I have decided to use it. Firstly, that he is not a member of the church is a lie, we need to call a spade a spade. His name is Afolabi Ogunnaike, he studied at Lagos State University and was said to attend a parish around Ojo area of Lagos.

If the newest development is anything to go by every one of us needs to know that honesty is the best policy.

“The guy whose viral suicide video has been trending, going information available to me, did not kill himself because of any loan shark or anything related.

His house is on a street which is less than 800 metres from my own.

I still saw one of his friends earlier today and we discussed the issue at length.

According to very reliable information, he was working at a car lot and was the supervisor or something like that.

The owner of the car lot usually brought cars from abroad to sell and the late guy, popularly known as Afo, was in charge of selling them.

There was an ugly development whereby they were to sell some cars and at the point of selling, they discovered that the catalysts had been removed.

Angrily, the mechanic that had been working on the cars was promptly arrested and upon interrogation, he confessed that he and Afo had been the ones removing catalysts from cars to be sold. He, the mechanic, reportedly said Afo usually brought the cars to his shop, perhaps on the pretense that they needed to fix some things, and the catalysts would be removed.

The owner of the car lot decided to do a disclaimer on his social media pages and told his friends and customers that Afo was no longer working with him.

It must be noted that a couple of the car lot owner’s friends who Afo had worked with were to later come out to say that they faced similar situations when he was with them.

Afo was promptly arrested and taken to Panti where he and the mechanic spent days and were on the verge of being taken to court when a plea bargain was entered into and when the cost of the catalysts were calculated, it was well over N2million and he and the mechanic were to pay equally.

The mechanic had reportedly paid his own.

It was while trying to raise the money that he decided to end it all.

I also heard this morning that Afo also had issues with another guy in Canada who he had failed business transactions and he asked people to help him beg him.

He had, unknown to anyone, attempted suicide couple of weeks before but everyone thought he was seriously ill.

On the fateful day he died, he had taken his kids and wife to hospital and gave them his church garment (name of church withheld) and told them he would come and meet them.

It was after he got home after dropping his family in the church that he did that suicide video.

As per his last wishes, his family has been moved to Ibadan.

Samuel O. Ajayi”

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