Where Is The Place Of Beards (Irugbon) In The Celestial Church Constitution?

January 17, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 18 Comments »

Some years back, I was at Army Barracks, Mokola Parish, Ibadan to see the late former governor of Oyo State, Kolapo Ishola, and while the Jerimoyamah was going on, one of the sidemen (Onibodes) approached a young man who had some well-trimmed beards and asked him to either cut the beards before going into the sanctuary  or go somewhere else to worship. He was not allowed into the cathedral that day.

I was curious and wanted to know why he was sent back. No one could give me any concrete answer. Then, when I got home, I searched the scripture and I found out that in I Corinthians 11:14– “Doesn’t nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him.” I thought I was cool with that until I saw another passage in the Old Testament, Leviticus 21-5– “They shall not make any baldness on their heads, nor shave off the edges of their beards, nor make any cuts in their flesh. They shall be holy to their God and not profane the name of their God, for they present the offerings by fire to the LORD, the food of their God; so they shall be holy.…”

Now the question of the appropriateness of long hair and beards is frequently put to traditional Orthodox clergy. I want to ask the Bible scholars here and of course the elders of this church, CCC to tell us where the place of Beards is in the Celestial Church Constitution. At leastBeards Irugbon, this will address the issue of clergy appearance, i.e. hair and beards that a lot of our members are concerned about.

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18 responses to “Where Is The Place Of Beards (Irugbon) In The Celestial Church Constitution?”

  1. Debolee says:

    The only reason for this is to differentiate celestial from Muslims…….PS im keeping my beards as it’s not enough reason for me.

  2. Akin says:

    I stumbled upon a document years ago, it was a minute written at one of the periodic meetings with Papa Oshoffa. The issue of stringent measures being taken against male members with beards was raised and Papa said it categorically that the fact that he does not like keeping beards is his personal choice and he has not imposed it on anyone.
    The elders stopping bearded men from getting anointed in Ìmẹ̀kọ are not doing well because it is a segregationist agenda.
    If spiritual sentiments are being attached to beards what about even shepherds that have chosen to alter the colour(s) of their skin with cream?
    Do we say God is in error for creating men to grow beards?
    The same “picture(s) of the Jesus Christ” we keep in our altars is of a bearded man.
    The Bible established a bearded Aaron (Priest) and David (King).
    So who is fooling who?

  3. Seyi says:

    How does keeping a beard or not affect your walk with God? How does it guarantee your place in heaven? How does it impact whether you are good to your fellow man or not? Like the Pharisees we are concerned about how clean the cup looks on the outside but are unbothered with the filth that lies inside! Like someone already mentioned FOCUS ON THE WEIGHTIER MATTERS CELESTIAL AH! Only the Spirit of God if can convict or direct one to shave their hair or beards simple. Jesus the Son of God kept a beard for Goodness sake.

  4. Samuel says:

    There has been an upsurge of people who seem to know the doctrines too much and ignore the important issues, concentrating on frivolities.
    Neither Papa Oshoffa nor the constitution hinted against beards. Period!
    I often encounter people who tell me to remove my cap the moment I step into a CCC compound. Where were they when Papa Oshoffa goes everywhere with his straw hat on garment & only remove the hat when he wants to step into the church proper.

  5. Eniola Gabriel O. says:

    @ Mr Kunle……AH!!!

  6. gb says:

    D ability to lie n deceive makes d different btw HUMAN n ANIMAL…
    Dnt b deceived by what they say cos keeping of beards has nothing to do with d Celestial constitution unless d Elders wnted to manipulate it.

  7. Evangelist Dele says:

    What me and my friends that joined the church at the very end of 1979 is that before inception of the church in Nigeria there use to be prophets and prayer warriors by the beach side that are dirty and unkept with long dreadlocks long beards in dirty unwashed prayer gown. These people are at ‘eti okun’ 24/7, they will defraud and rape women that comes to them for spiritual assistance. And when Celestial Church of Christ came to being Our Holly God must be served with decency, cleanliness they said is close Godliness, again the way people see you will sometimes portrays what you are, but its only God that sees the heart of human.
    So growing beard in Celestial Church has nothing with constitution/doctrine . If the angels that minister in Celestial Church are good looking we that they serve should look beautiful and handsome. In the beginning the prayer was ”Oluwa mase wa ni aladura al’aso pipon”
    Cant you see how good looking the pastor founder was in his time see Pastor Bada too. It a moral thing please shave your beards and look good like Celestial Angel.
    Iam Evangelist Dele

  8. alagba says:

    Hello brethren, keeping beards is just to make you look clean,since the church its self symbolize holiness and looking very neat in everything they do.. cos i remember if you are a military personnel or government officials its necessary that you must not keep beards.. so even in the good manners a very educated and responsible parents would never like his or her child to keep beards cos its make that child look very irresponsible.. i remember some time long ago when i was given an opportunity by the youth in my church to give sermon they had to tell me before time to please clean shave when coming on that day.. But the most important thing that celestial church stands for which i advice all of us youth to always endeavor us to always do is preach the gospel of Christ to unbeliever and also let our character preach it and even our look cos people can say he looks like a child of God or he looks like a cultist or like a gangstar but wearing a sutana. lets all be wise and know what we are doing cos we are the leaders of tomorrow.

  9. Bro David says:

    I am short of words but when the Comforter shall come He will guide u into all Truth n He will not speak of Himself and tells you what He had heard from the Father.I think what is missing in CCC now is the Operation of Holy Spirit.i wept, I wept again,when I remba Zion (Celestial).

  10. yomi Newton says:

    salvation matters and should be the priority. Holy spirit takes over in teaching appropriately. some keep beard for Medical reasons especially those with sensitive skin with while others are atimes financial constraints as skin reactions may not permit use of other means apart from use of clipper which in some cases may need visits to salons .

  11. Ayodele Okunade says:

    Personally,I have decided not to argue with anyone on this issue no more,but since it came up,I will contribute the little way I can….It saddens me that people,especially those who are new to the Celestial Fold,but because they have been honored with certain high ranks would suddenly start talking like they truly went on journeys with Late Papa SBJ Oshoffa and start to makeup some ideological tenants for us simply based on their own biased minds.I have been told at a particular parish in Ikorodu,Lagos that keeping beards is “Against” the Rules and Tenents of Celestial Church of Christ,I just laugh when people say things they don’t know…But then,I can’t really blame them,They only portray what they are being told by their leaders or do I say Shepherds,My question is,How many of this people have really seen or read the Constitution of Celestial Church of Christ???? All they know to do is crucify people in the name of Constitution…Really Pathetic.

  12. God's Delight says:

    If you ask some of the elders( especially those in Mokola Parish Ibadan) the reasons why they are against keeping bears no matter how little it is. What amazed me the most is that a church denies some members from entering the church for service on a notable day, saying it is forbidden to enter the church with bears. During the church service some shepherds came for visitation. Among there were at least two with bears. I had expect the ushers to deny them of entry( but they will say it’s rudeness to anointing abi). Then, I had expect the church shepherd to tell them to go out but yet they were several discussions in the altar that made them laughing together. I only saw prejudice in the matter. It is only in celestial church that I have seen elders misbehave and does things that contradict the scriptures and no elder is ready to put them to order. But let a youth make a little mistake, the way it will be treated by parochial of some churches will keep your mouth open asking yourself that did such offense calls for such embarrassment that is even if the person is not suspended or sent away from the church. Celestial is great but many things are not in order.

    For the fact that Baba Oshoffa did not keep bears does not mean that members can’t. It has nothing to do with entering heaven. If you like keep bears. God bless the few Shepherds that are found blameless in obeying the Word of God and not hiding under the constitution to do the unlawful.

    • Prophet MK Kenny says:

      What has beards got to do with our salvation? Abeg jor.. let us stop adding different things to our constitution. That baba did not like it doesn’t mean God is against it. For me I love keeping beards but i a little way as not to make me look dirty.

  13. Dr Tayo Akanji says:

    Honestly. Speaking, whatever is written in our constitutIon should not imposed on us. I personally dislike keeping beards cos I feel itched when getting much but that does not necessarily mean others can’t. The same thing applies to bitter kola. While our constitution forbids kola consumption it does mention bitter kola. These are two diffrrent food products but in many parishes bitter Kola is forbidden. Even some go to the extent of disapproving okro soup saying our constitution forbids it when in actual fact it is not stated. Many of these issues are imports of imagination, heresies, assumptions, . while we wrongly emphasize things not to be taken, we leave undone weightier matters like holiness, truth, righteousness, judgment. May God help us in Cac. Dr Tao Akanji

  14. solmon opeyemi says:

    infact,we have not know where we are going in this CCC is only god that can flush all the dirties,and I know god will soon take control of CCC both abroad and Nigeria.I pray by then we shall not be dislocated in Jesus name(amen)

  15. Sup Ldr Dunmiju O.P says:

    This is wonderful and interesting topic that even raising dust in my Parish at moment.Let just stop given ourselves unnecessary stress by saying this and that on this issue and end up mixing individual likeness,personal belief,culture and interest with tenets and doctrines of Celestial Church of Christ.As a custodian of Celestial Church of Christ Constitution I have never read any part of the Constitution that against or support this.On practical aspects of this matter let us go on individual research on number one symbol of Christianity in both Heaven and Earth Jesus Christ’s pictures if he has it or not,at the same time take study of Papa SBJ Oshoffa’s pictures if he has any at all. Thanks.

  16. Kunle says:

    Halleluyah it was never a law in Celestial Church as one of the elders told us, but Papa Oshoffa said its only Jesus that keep beards, and he said he doesn’t want to look like his master. And it became a law in the fold

  17. Segun Akindoye says:

    This is a very serious topic my brother. I see a lot of our shepherds with beards and i wonder where and how we got to this point. Shocked that most of the elders who are supposed to talk are all silent about this.

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