The Place Of Polygamy Within Celestial Church Of Christ

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sbj-oshoffaCelestial Church of Christ came into existence in September 1947 through the divine calling of the pastor/founder, the late Rev SBJ Oshoffa in the Republic of Benin. Before the Church was founded and its doctrines established, Papa Oshoffa was already a family man with three wives. Due to the peculiarity of his calling, it is not recorded anywhere that Papa should do away with any of his wives, what the doctrine of the church says about matrimony as regards its members  is the adherence to monogamy, that is  the practice of one man one wife.

The case of Papa Oshoffa is often brought to the fore when some members who erroneously believe that Oshoffa took about 34 wives after his calling, try to justify their reason(s) why monogamy should not be enforced as one of the doctrines of the church. To clear the air on this issue one of the children of the late Pastor/founder, Prophetess Edith, first daughter, had this to say about the late spiritual head of Celestial Church of Christ.

Hear her, “We are not a large family. People believe my father had many wives and children. His biological children are not so many. Did he have 34 wives? No, it’s not true. My father did not have 34 wives. All his children and wives know each other. My father never had a concubine and we all lived together. My mother was his third wife and my father was a polygamist before the church started. I think God decided to use him because he was a polygamist to show that He can do whatever He wants the way He wants it. In a polygamous home, there cannot but be some little challenges. But when I grew up to know my father, he was a man who catered well for his wives and children. Everyone wants to be loved and cared for and that was exactly what my father showed his family. Every week, one of our mothers always cooked for us. We would also eat from the same pot.”

Now to those of us who are active players in the vineyard, let’s try and maintain the status quo.

2 responses to “The Place Of Polygamy Within Celestial Church Of Christ”

  1. VMSE Ephraim Osazuwa says:

    Jacob had ten children plus two from Joseph, from various women including from wives’ maids, yet among the patriarchs:- (1) Abramham, Isaac, and Jacob, Jacob had more. AFRICA has a peculiar circumstances regarding polygamy. Today we can see why. Many women today are without husbands because polygamy has been “shamed” by western morality, but had left us with hypocrisy. Many men today both Black and White have concubines as side-kicks, thereby, defeating the arguments against polygamy. We should not substitute foreign doctrines to ours. Polygamy caters for those women who will otherwise remain single under monogamy.


  2. ade says:

    If celestial do no condole polygamy what is the penalty for those who violate this law .shepherd having four wife may God have Mercy

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