Why Polygamy Is On The Increase Amongst Our Shepherds

March 14, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 4 Comments »

The rate of polygamous marriage in Celestial Church cannot be over emphasized especially with our shepherds, who are supposed to be the husband of one wife as stated in the holy book. The are not worthy of example on this issue. An area was used as sample today in my discussion. The outcome of our research shows that 7 parishes out of many parishes within an area have shepherds with more than one wife.

The reason is because most of the women who come to the church don’t face what they have come for, we all know that Shepherds are not angels, you do not expect shepherds to look away after service you are hanging loitering around house.

King David too was watching a naked body of Uria’s wife, Bathsheba from his penthouse before putting action into it. Secondly, there are some women that will always want to go extra miles with their shepherds when it comes to spirituality. These women always think that they can always use whatever gift they have to impress their shepherds and shepherds in return may want to cease that opportunity to bring such a woman closer for the growth of the church; and before you say Jack Robinson, she is now Mrs. Shepherd number 2.

Though, such shepherds may not be able to advice the folks when it comes to marriage. This is another important area seeking spiritual rebirth in our church. Let me stop here and get people of God’s response on this before I tell you a story of a certain shepherd who married a rich man’s wife brought to him for healing from an ailment.

-Salami Kehinde, Additional report by Mary Marry

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4 responses to “Why Polygamy Is On The Increase Amongst Our Shepherds”

  1. G says:

    Some men of God or so called Shepard cannot defend there calling ,they just bear the name all because they have sweet mouth, mostly the problem come from the woman,just because the husband commit little error she will run to Shepherd Daddy see this see that and Daddy will give assurance I will do everything for u, I was at one parish sometime again when a lady complaint that she don’t have man to marry her and she get older, if the Shepard is one the kind of that like lady I think he will try to join her to the people at home
    .may God use us the way we will bring glory to his name

  2. Evang.Ade Oladapọ Oyenẹyẹ says:

    This article I, see in the light of Yoruba idiom that says “Leaving leprosy to start treating excyema”.
    Suffice to mention that Monogamy & Sex is not and was not an Issue in CCC, until yore when the Devil turned it into a plague to trouble the Fold. Simply because Sex & Marriage the Church regards as Canal issues to be weary off. And adherents must be in Spirit( waa ninu Emi) in meeting their Flesh/Physical obligations on them. As Christ it’s owner said, THEY are things of this World.

  3. Dr. Malik O R says:

    Church Shepherd that are not trained after the steps of the true Shepherd (Jesus Christ) are mere impostors.. We have them in great numbers in the garb of Shepherds.
    Have you ever seen a real Shepherd sleeping with members of the fold which he is supposed to be tending? Shepherds of God would not but Shepherds of the Church see no crime in that

  4. Olumide says:

    Nice post, The post only mention one of the reasons why shepherds are having more than one wives and that reason is in favour of the shepherds.
    Let me start with the London shepherds why they have more than one wife. Majority of them have a wife in Nigeria here before they travel to London to start a parish. But on getting to London they can’t hold body so they marry another woman. Later when they see any woman coming to church and she is working can help them pay their bills then that one too become a wife immediately. About 60% of CCC parishes in London are single handedly financed by woman. It has come to a competition galore the highest bidder is the favourite of the shepherd.
    But in the case of Nigerian shepherd is convetiousness that push them to poligamy not any pressure on them at all.
    Let me give an instance in 2011 the Monday that follow the weekend Tosho oshofa did his elegant wedding, he still come and meet my girl friend at Mr Biggs awolowo way Ikeja promising her that he will marry her, this is person that not yet finished horney moon.
    The second story was given by a guy we picked up on our way to imeko last year dec. The guy is a new convert he saw God miracle in his life and decided to be worshiping in CCC then the shepherd gave him one of the single lady in the chuch , the guy told us just 4 days after their wedding the shepherd started visiting his wife anytime he has gone to work, and this is a shepherd that already with three wives at home.this guy told us that there are many night that he slept in his friends house anytime his wife told him daddy want to do night vigil in his house, I told the guy my mind point blank I would have killed the shepherd myself that first night.
    So is not only the female that has the fault the shepherd too and why people are fearing them is because they only show them the rituals they know not the bible their real shepherd Jesus gave them. They take away the truth from the church so that they can be lord of all.let me stop here before I start burning my eyes have seen a lot in ccc .

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