What Is The Position Of Shepherds Who Bleach Their Skin?

May 4, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 3 Comments »

Yes, we are wonderfully and uniquely created in God’s image. The first man, Adam, though, was made from the sand of the sea but he was decorated with heavenly beauties and it became an envy of other living creatures of Jehovah until a man erred and was cut short of the glory of God.

Now, in our church, we see a lot of women dress to kill when coming to church, they apply all sorts of things to entice ‘Jesus’ forgetting the fact that, even God, is a God of simplicity and no one should ever overlook the power of simplicity.

They are not satisfied with the way God has made them and they end up looking like boiled chickens. It is also one of the characteristics of our men, especially the shepherds, to bleach their skins or do all sorts to their body. We have thrown decency and dignity into the wind. I wonder what example they are passing to the youth who look up to them! Life is really simple, but we insist on making it so complicated.

Romans 1: 27-28 says, “Likewise, the men abandoned natural relations with women and burned with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. Furthermore, since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, He gave them up to a depraved mind, to do what should not be done.”

With this, it’s obvious; a lot of our shepherds who indulge in this nasty act of bleaching their skins are reprobate minded. Not many of them actually know that through simplicity comes great beauty. What then should the authority do about them? Should any shepherd found in this act be stripped of his rank and honour as shepherd or should be given a juicy appointment?

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3 responses to “What Is The Position Of Shepherds Who Bleach Their Skin?”

  1. Akin Adeyemi says:

    I agree to that

  2. Superior Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    I put a man or woman who bleach their skin in the same category as a person who has tattoos or piercings on their bodies. The bible is quite clear and expressly condemns tattoos.I assume that it is an immature and dissatisfied mind that would set about toning their skin because they are not satisfied with their complexion. They feel inferior to a person of a lighter skin. If this person is now a leader, Shepherd or parent, this person has not matured fully and will have other vices apart from bleaching. If a Shepherd is bleaching it would only be mentioned in whispers.No one will have confidence in such a vain individual. Even bleaching women in the Parish will stir clear of him! His moral and personal intergrity is in question. Such a shepherd will be unable to correct a member who wears excessive jewellrey, transparent sutana, nose rings, chewing gum etc. It would be free for all in the behaviours of his members.

  3. Sis Toyin Salvation parish says:

    Such people should not be recognized as shepherd they are a disgrace to this church

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