Praise Night: Wolima Tayo Joseph Wants It Quashed…Do You Share Her Opinion?

August 28, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Uncategorized / 1 Comment »

“I am of the opinion that the ” Praise night” has lost its relevance and over-stayed its usefulness in our harvests. I really don’t think that it should be attached to the harvest programs again.

When it comes to the praise night, the mindset of both the guests and the organizers becomes canal, negating the essence of the harvest celebration.
It has become a forum where anything goes, sexual promiscuity, alcoholic consumption, unchristian-like behaviour, and all that’s not being carried out under the guise of darkness.

I will rather suggest that the Praise Night be removed from the harvest programs and co-joined with the Cantata to take place in the daytime in a more spiritual setting.

This will make our harvest supplications more acceptable in the sight of God, allow harvest investors to reap the attached and expected heavenly rewards, instead of money well wasted.”


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One response to “Praise Night: Wolima Tayo Joseph Wants It Quashed…Do You Share Her Opinion?”

  1. Chris ogbaisi says:

    I do not share the idea of cancellation rather it should be modified to serve lp its core objectives . In the past we have what we call musical concert and competition . Then it was basically to promote composition of songs , vocal quality among choir , discover new talents through solo performance , instrumentalists , duet performance et al ..It was also used to create avenue to improve on hymnals whereby we pick hymns randomly to render which forms part of the score ..if we get it wrong the panel of judges use that medium to correct us . Then ,it was also an avenue to correct choir in the area of outlook and self discipline . Various Gloria are rendered which enable choir to acquire more knowledge . It improves self confidence in member whose performance is generally accepted through standing ovation .
    Then, Celestial choir came together irrespective of different factions they belong to . When we had 50th anniversary of the church , Apostle Remi Olabamiji organised a national musical concert tagged ” Asiko na ni yi ” The time is now . Infact the grand finale was organised at Ire Akari . The event witnessed lot of choirs from Nigerian diocese ,Orovboni factions , Owoduni factions . We all came together to show case over 50 choir for this grand finale , even choir from Benin Republic and Ivory coast came ..what am I trying to bring out in all of these , we tactfully killed music in celestial church by converting such lovely concept to Praise night . Now what do we witness , dearth professionals among our instrumentalist , lack of self compositions , no avenue to correct and improve on hymnals and Gloria , there is more of exit of our young professionals to other denominations since there is no attraction or means of retention . Today , no spiritual objectives rather the worldly aspect of it has been majored to further distabilised kingdom’s project and for self glorification . It is more of worldly than being Godly as it used to be . To worsen it all , it gives avenue to the greedy idiots to further distabilise the church and distract the youth . Now passion for choir and music have been over shadowed by desire for monetary gain . We lost track and it has affected us badly .
    Way forward , let the church go back to its original root of promoting evangelism through music.
    They should reorganise the concert as an annual event in which grand finale can come up in Imeko during the annual convocation .
    Let the ICW try and identify various provinces who will be saddled with responsibility of organising concert during their harvest to select top choir that will feature during the grand finale .
    When we had one mic on stage at Imeko , I could recalled that other factions were willing to join us and perform because they have been deprived of organising their jamboree .
    We need to go back to the old glory and promote celestial unity through music , promote composition , hymnals and Gloria , use the avenue to discover hidden talents and sponsor them .
    What stops. Us from having Oschoffa Cup of Unity . The beauty of unity dance with candle stick is another uniqueness we witness during the concert ..Let us go back to our root .

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