You Have Prayed, You Have Fasted But Have You Acted?!

October 19, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / Add Comment »

If you know my story well, then you will know I am a product of God’s mercy, favour and grace. In that, as regards my businesses and finances, I didn’t use to spend much time in the place of prayer before solution comes. This was my story till God decided it was time for me to move on to the next level of His knowledge.

There came a period everything ceased so to say, every door was shut. I prayed, I fasted, I prophesied, I praised, I worshiped, nothing happened.

At a time I started grumbling, I begged for His mercy because I felt it had to do with some sin I committed and I was paying for, still nothing happened.

Then on a faithful morning during my early brisk walk, the question came;” you have prayed, you have fasted, but have you acted?”

Then it occurred to me, I have relied more on His usual grace, miraculous interventions than work in itself.

It became obvious that from the things I ask of Him daily, from my plans and projections, prayers alone won’t make them happen but work, work and even more work!

Immediately I remembered the story of Sir Bode Akindele, on how he travelled to 30 countries in 45 days to source for funds when he wanted to buy the brand GILLETTE in 1990.

I remembered the story of Colonel Sanders when he was trying to sell the idea of KFC to investors, how he tried a thousand times before he found someone who believed in his ideas, I remembered several other stories of great entrepreneurs, then I asked myself , sales aren’t coming through, finances are hard to come by,big deal, how many doors have you knocked on? How many calls have you made? What efforts have you made beyond the usual routine to project your brand?

I found out I haven’t put in 5 percent of the required work because I have been relying more on miracles. Apostle Paul preached in Asia for years to spread the gospel, he didn’t hope for a miracle for the gospel to be heard.

Moses didn’t hope the Red Sea will be parted from Egypt, he led the Israelites to the point the miracle happened.

Mighty miracles take place in the lives of very hardworking and prayerful people more than others.

I have prayed this morning before writing this, so you should understand where I am coming from, prayer and fasting didn’t write this text, inspiration from God and physical efforts did.

Have you been hoping for a miracle in that seemingly difficult or hopeless situation in your career, business or finances? Please pray, fast but work more, seek more knowledge and understanding on the best way to get it done. Faith must not substitute work. It should only serve as the foundation.

“Remember God hates the slothful”.

#successAdegboyega Ojuolape is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. A long time friend and brother based in Abuja posted this as his inspirational Musings for the day.

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