When A Preacher Snatched My Girlfriend (A Touching Story You Must Read)

January 11, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / Add Comment »

ngozi-and-iShe loved me to the point that she was ready to be disowned by her parents when they wanted her to marry a rich politician’s son. The love was simply so much…She visited me one weekend and I took her to a program in church where I was invited… The two guest Speakers for the 1st and 2nd days were wonderful…We laughed and shouted Fire and even sowed seeds of greatness… And I took my girlfriend back to my house… But the guest speaker that came on the last day was the one that caused the whole mess of my relationship with her… He did not wear any big shoe or expensive suit, His hair cut was even scattered.

Unlike other guests, he did not have any escort or security but I noticed that the moment he climbed the pulpit, the atmosphere changed…He started singing this song: # “Something more than gold… Something more than silver…The Word of God in the heart of a believer, it’s something more than gold”…

And within five minutes, I began to see something like mist, like thick cloud inside the auditorium… And it was as if millions of voices were singing that song at the same time. It was not long; I began to hear cries of men and women, boys and girls and yet, he has not opened the Bible… The church hall was tensed. You will wonder if this is the same church we have been coming to for the past two days.

“Lord, help me”…

“Forgive me Jesus… ”

“Don’t leave me this way”

“Jesus, I need you back… “

“Holy Spirit, break me… And use me… ”

These and more were the deep cries I was hearing from people around where I was sitting…The choristers who were backing up the songs were slain. Some of them did not know when they began to shout, through the microphone:” Lord, show me your mercy… “Some were shouting:” I need your revival, Lord… Will you leave me this way”.

I was afraid to open my eyes… The glory inside that house was too much… When i managed to open my eyes, I did not see anybody standing… I was the only one on feet… The pastor that hosted the program was on the floor, in front of the church, with his wife… The Assistant Pastors were with him in front of the church, crying. The Preacher was lying flat, crying on the altar, nobody could know who the Preacher was and who was the speaker. As a Preachers’ kid, born inside the church, I have seen revivals… I have seen the move of God’s power… But, never in my life have I seem such manifest Presence of God.

And for more than 1:45 minutes, people were rolling on the floor, crying their hearts out yet, the guest minister did not open the Bible. I was still standing, looking around for my girlfriend but I did not see her again, when I went outside, I saw her, lying on the floor, flat, crying.

As I tried to pull her up, thinking that something might have hurt her,  I saw her blouses soaked with tears. Her voice was already cracked, she had cried her heart out. I did not care to wait for the service to close,  I managed to guide her back to my house and throughout that short journey, on the road, she was weeping like a baby. When we got home and she managed to sleep, right from her sleep, at short intervals, she began to sob, crying out from sleep. And before long, the pillows were already soaked.

The encounter she had in the church followed her home and it continued like that for three days, she was unable to eat anything. One of those nights, as she was praying and crying, she began to burst into tongues, she was crying and was blasting tongues, for more than four hours…

How can I forget? The morning of the 3rd day, she told me: “Felix, when that young pastor was singing that song, my eyes were opened and I saw Jesus for the first time in my life, I saw the kind of splendor I cannot explain. I saw His wounds, I saw Him on the Cross, I saw Him calling me to surrender my life to Him. Felix, something has happened to me and I am no more that same person again”.

The more I tried to cuddle her, the more she was running from my arms. She asked me: “Felix , did you not feel what I felt? Did you not see what I saw? What I saw is worth more than the whole world. I saw a Crown that I cannot lose, Felix; I have to surrender to Jesus. I have to pack my things now.”

Before 30 minutes, she had picked her few things and about to go and as she was leaving, we both were in tears… She told me: “FELIX, I know I love you and you love me too but I have to let you go. This moment, I have surrendered to Jesus, it is better to lose you than to lose that Crown that I saw.”

Tears had dried on our bodies and fresh ones were coming. I could not even stop her. The girl I knew before had changed. Her face was radiant, it dawned on me that, that young man of God has made me loose the girlfriend I loved so much and I was angry.

As I roll from one part of the bed to the other, alone, inside my room, from morning till night, I began to blame myself for taking her along to that program. Don’t blame me, I was not born again then. Where else was I going to see another girl who will love me like her? I was furious… Yes, but deep down my heart, I knew that she has met God. I knew that this was exactly how it used to be in the 80s and 90s…

On my own, I began to tell God: “If I will ever become a Preacher someday, this is the type I want to be… I will love people to come to my program and lose their girlfriends to You.” And thank God, in the fullness of time, when it pleases Him to intercept me from speedy journey to hell, I understood what happened those days to my ex-girlfriend. Severally, I have seen that same thing she saw that made her lose me and not care about it.

Friend, if you see what she saw, you will never be afraid to lose any man…. Paul said that when he fell and stood up on his way to Damascus, ‘I saw no man’… Why are you afraid for us that we will starve if we continue with this ‘criticizing’ ministry? Why are you complaining that nobody will host us in his big auditorium and give us big honorarium”?  Thanks for your concern brother man… But we can tell the whole world that ‘We too, like Apostle Paul, saw no man’… We did not see honorarium before we left all and embarked on this journey.

We saw a Crown that we must not lose on the last day…Many are already wearing their own crowns here… They have forgotten the encounters God used to give them when they first met Jesus. Lord, anybody can go, I don’t want to lose the glory you showed me! We don’t need too many friends, we don’t need those who want to show everyone that they are succeeding in ministry, even when, they are not known in heaven. Our lives are better with fewer people whose eyes are still on that Crown.

With the help of God, in our weaknesses and fewness, if it pleases God, we might be able to stop the mouth of lions. That was how that young man made me to lose my girlfriend.

My friends told me to give her some times that she would run back to me when memories of our sinful past would begin to hunt her…I waited for months and years, up till now, she did not come back. Together, with her husband, they are running a revival ministry in my countryNigeria… And she too is reading this post now as you are reading it… Aleluiah.

Man of God, I don’t know the last time people listened to you and they went back and move their things out from their boyfriends’ house and that was their last days in sin? When was the last time you preached and boys called their girlfriends on the phone and told them: “It is over… I have met with Jesus…. And am gone”? Your last crusade, you came back with car keys, Laptops, Iphones and landed documents… But there was no tears for repentance…Sinners came as Sinners, sowed their seeds as Sinners and left as Sinners….

When again are we going to see you preach and men will start falling over another, even without altar call, asking God for repentance for their adultery? Your choristers are already singing with sneered hearts… When are we going to hear somebody say about you, that: “This is that man of God that I heard and I left my sins and did not go back to them again? Brother and sister, I don’t know what they are telling you in your church every Sunday. I know you want to shun your evil ways, but the church you submit to seems not to have problem with your sinful lifestyle… From year to year, they don’t preach against sin…. Only giving you 100 ways to make wealth, even when you are sinking miserably in sin and addictions.

The abuse of the gospel of miracle visa, miracle marriage, miracle contracts, and fighting of enemies is what brought this demonic wind upon us. Jacob had all those things and yet, he was crying to God for an encounter. And when he had it, that’s why we are still talking about him till now. Lock yourself up this week and cry to God for that same encounter.

If He has not shown up, don’t give up… If my ex-girlfriend made up her mind to walk out from our relationship, there must be something she saw that’s worth more than me… Today, she is happily married with wonderful children.That God she saw that night has not failed her.That thing she saw has kept her all these years.

I know you are afraid of what will become of you when you cut some ties, brother and sister, stop playing church while you are feasting on your vomits. It’s time to cry for an encounter… How long will you keep falling and rising and falling again?

It’s time to cry for just one touch of Fire. I am sure heaven will not shun your wet eyes and torn lips.

Share to others…remain a strong Christian!

-Copied. It was culled from my Whatsapp Messenger, the original author unknown.

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