Presidential Meal: When Can We Have A Pastor Like This Again?

April 23, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 7 Comments »

During the regime of former president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo as Head of States, SBJ Oshoffa and his team, the BOT were his guests at the presidential villa then at Ikoyi, Lagos. This photo shows Chief Olusegun Obasanjo having diner in the late 70’s after which he, Papa Oshoffa, donated millions of Naira to rescue NIGERIA out of ‘recession’.

It was then he gave Obasanjo a spiritual message that has come to pass, that he would still come back to rule the country again for another eight years. OBJ, didn’t see it to be possible, but today, it’s a prophesy that has come and gone.

This was a man who never bought Tokunboh cars in his entire life; this was a man who was filled with unmeasured supernatural powers to heal all kinds of sickness. This was a man who healed several mentally deranged people, this was a man who was a philanthropist per excellence and he was the founder of this great church, Celestial Church of Christ.

Now back to this generation church, all of them who had visited and who still visit the ‘Aso Rock’ to meet with the president, often leave with Ghana-must-Go bag filled with ‘hardest’ currency, yet they will come online to rubbish the church, calling it names just because the present leadership has made it so. They didn’t follow the footsteps of the late founder.

Instead of SBJ buying private jets and acquiring properties, he took NIGERIA as his priority. It’s indeed a gesture to emulate. When can we have a pastor like this man again?

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7 responses to “Presidential Meal: When Can We Have A Pastor Like This Again?”

  1. mobolaji obisesan,son of the living Christ. says:

    Papa Samuel Oshoffa,as the only called prophet of God even to this day,revealed that God will send another prophet to CCC,just like Papa oshoffa in spirit and in greater that power,and so also the holy spirit announced it to you celestians in CCC hymn number 331.”Oluwa yio yan ojise re,ninu ijo mimo yi.”God said his word will not return unto him,unless it accomplished what it was sent to do.And our God is not a lier that he will repent,and not a son of man that he would lie.The God’s prophet to lead you is among you,the God’s chosen prophet of the most high God is among you,your leaders knows him,but all the warring factions agreed together,to ignore the commandment of God regarding true prophet.But to contradict the holy spirit and Papa sbj oshoffa,some people who satan has anointed with leadership authority, had vowed to fight God and that CCC anointed prophet and teacher,that God promised to send .The leaders know him,but they plotted together to kill messenger and papa’s prophecy,it doesn’t mean anything to them.Jesus said in psalm 2:1-10 to ccc leaders..God laughs at the leaders,as they know the prophet of God,the anointed messenger of God,with even greater anointing according to the vision given to Papa sbj,before the 70th year birthday celebration,I ask all well meaning celestians to pray to God that the pharaoh in CCC,that hold all celestians in bondages of slavery must loose their power in this present crisis,and that the consuming fire of Jehovah,destroys and consume their powers,properties,positions,and replace now,and if they refuse to acknowledge the truth,let the Lord put his wrath on them or whoever is plotting against God and unity of his people.Orun o jina si aye,Olorun o jina pupo si eyin leaders ijo yi.I tell celestial church as your elder brother,idajo ati ibukun ti de bayi,and God will give to each celestian,the choice is yours celestian.Your anointed messenger to Ccc is now come,according to long time prophecy,and your leaders,ketu,imeko eleko knowsit.Youth of CCC rejoice,great spiritual change is coming,now is the time,and the zeal of God will do it,you shall see the days of papa again,and greater miracle shall convince you that,CCC belongs to The Real God.Alafia.Everything I say will surely come to pass.

  2. Superior Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    The CCC at this time is engaged in an internecine and factricidal civil war. This has prevented us from being able to occupy our rightful place in CAN and Nigeria in general.Since when have we commented on matters of national interest? There have been killings of Christians in the North. Destruction of at least one CCC Parish in the North. Our church has not taken a stand on these relevant matters. If care is not taken we shall become moribund in the thinking of those who are not members and who have great expectations of the church. As a spiritual church we need to be able to give predictions for the year ahead. Give assurances to the nation that the Lord continues to be interested in the affairs of Nigerian and Nigerians.
    i recall the days when late Superior Evangelist S.O. Akande and Snr. Evangelist Mathew Olatosho Oschoffa would attend events held in Aso Rock. Why are we no longer invited? We need to clean up our act. Its very unlikely we would get an invitation at this time that the EFCC must examine our books and financial practices.
    we have members of our church in the corridors of power in the Villa. A friend of mine is Special Senior Adviser in the Presidency and he is an active member of the church. Many more.
    Our church is looking at its navel, not looking up. We are not looking after the flock of Christ. Our leaders and Shepherds are taking care of themselves alone, At the expense of members of the congregation who provide the funds now allegedly being squandered and mismanaged by our leaders. It cannot go on like this.
    Of course Baba Obasanjo is a relative of the Pastor Founder. so also was Queen Esthers husband an in law to Mordeca, Esthers Uncle. Daniel was a staff of the Palace when the King acknowleged that the God of Prophet Daniel was the greatest and worthy of worship by everyone across the known world at the time. The Pastor Founder is the greatest thing that has happened to our Church. We do not want Saint SBJ Oschoffa to be last good thing in our church.
    Our leaders must extricate themself from every moral and financial laxity. It is not too late.

  3. Maikel_JP says:

    The different is that Papa Oshoffa was called. Then, to see another one like him, we must wait for the one the God will call Himself. No self caller.

  4. Maikel_JP says:

    The different is that Papa Oshoffa was called. Then, to see another one like him, we must wait till God call who He want

  5. Olufunmi ibk Akinfenwa says:

    But no matter the level of the damages done to the Church I strongly believe that the lord will fixed it so am proud to say it openly anywhere anytime that I am happy to be a Celestial

  6. Olufunmi ibk Akinfenwa says:

    Ose fun awon agba adoju tini , ikore po sugbon alagbase Ko to nkan. Selfish useless elders

  7. Caleb says:

    There cam never be a pastor like founder again when they are enmesh in corruption cuz of Ami ororo and ipin. See how they are exposing themselves. O mase o

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