Is Prophet Femi Gabriel Obinyan Right About This?

March 11, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 7 Comments »

“I Advise All Members Of Celestial Church of Christ to take away Celestial issues off Facebook. Take It To Jehovah.” Sup. Evang. Prophet Femi Gabriel Obinyan

When a king has ruled well, his subjects will surely praise him for the job well done and the one that has failed to feel the impulse of his subjects will equally face rejection from his people. This is nothing but sheer law of nature.

In any Christian gathering where a pastor is installed, it’s expected of such a pastor to be disciplined in carrying out the works of his predecessor with diligence. Since the demise of our spiritual leader and founder of CCC, SBJ Oshoffa in 1985, all the people that have emerged as pastors are those who never waited upon the Lord to show them the source of wealth but pursue wealth to the detriment of their souls. And some of them who have died never left with a penny of their wealth gotten by vanity.

This same trend seems to have become the norm that a whole lot of them see that seat as money making position hence the increase for the battle for supremacy. Is Prophet Femi Obinyan now saying we should stop to call a spade a spade? Is Sup. Evang. Obinyan saying evangelists who are in the church preaching the true gospel of Christ should hide the truth and join force to build a castle which foundation was laid with lies and deceits?

Well, I know there are one thousand and one people in this fold who are not comfortable with the way things are done haphazardly. There are people who are secretly fighting for the unity of the church, people whose voices are not heard. And there are people like us who will always show to the entire members of the church about activities of our people so they can make amendments. Of course, we are not angels, but the fact that we wear white apparels has made it impossible for us to display most of the vices we have publicly.

Keeping silent about things of our church for 33 years has led us nowhere. Jehovah Himself will not do for a man what a man should do for himself. Now is the time to speak out, now is the time to speak up!

This is my submission; I stand to be corrected though!

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7 responses to “Is Prophet Femi Gabriel Obinyan Right About This?”

  1. iyiola says:

    If truely considered, the harms caused by social media to the church is heavier than what can be ameliorated in few months because all the abusive and irritating issues seeing as submission on media later become references that anyone from anywhere can use be against the church or any individual even when the church later be in the right position.
    I will suggest that any write up should be well sensored before being post online ensuring that the image of the church is no longer soiled.

  2. Celestinah Briggs says:

    A deaf unrepented,trickish but evil shepherds clothed in sheep clothing will continue in his evil way. If my voice could not be heard pr correct them, i will choose facebook option. No one c an stop me.

  3. Superior Evangelist Francis Aihonsu says:

    Facebook do more harm than good
    Elders are non-challant
    Good day my brethren in the Lord,
    I am very happy to declare my interest in the write ups in Celestial News Online. As for the issues raised in the article, in my own opinion, I sincerely believe that this issue is being handled by Jehovah God Himself. Ezekiel of our time in CCC is here (Ezekiel 3). We can not continue to fold oir arms withoit voicing out our submissions. Sicial Media pages are the closest we can get to the Leaders because of “imaginary and human barrier” created uncessarily to ‘shield’ themselves.

  4. Ven Seyi Festus says:

    I also think and believes Michael Alonge case may be different because he has a platform where he write and sends his message…

    I would call him eyes of the church for now.

  5. Ven Seyi Festus says:

    i want to fully support Rev. Oluwasegun David, I also think Femi Gabriel Obinyan is also right in his advice, every right thinking members of this church would agree with me that the Facebook has done more harm than good to this church, that is not to say our so called elders has not failed this church.
    ijo mimo eturadi.

  6. Tawakalitu OluwatoPraise OBATULA says:


  7. Revd. Oluwasegun David Awonoussy says:

    To me its absolutely right to mind whatever we write for or against our dear fold on the media. He has right to express his personal opinion so also others too who took to media to expose evil acts having warned them against such but met with threat spiritually hemce leaving the fold. The damages done is of much more than good promoting image of fold. It takes thousand of years to build but few hours to destroy. My advise to all is to beware of whatever we do in our various churches and those who find themselves in position of authority. If there is much discipline from central control power unit, such will cut across the globe. So i advise all heads to let this sink into their brain that gone are the days of perpertrating evil acts as we are in modern age of technological development where high tech and phones reigns.Before you realise, shepherd, pastors, Deacons sermons and teachings will be posted on media. So let us be caution.

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