Prophet Gabriel Beni Omoge Ordained ‘Pastor’ CCC Worldwide (Photos)

September 20, 2016 / Celestial News Online / Saints & Sinners / 31 Comments »

beni gabriel-beni-omoge gabriel-omoge-2 gabriel-omoge It’s so shocking to read on social media that the man that late prophet Suru Maforikan gave the mantle of leadership to has been ordained pastor by his church members even when the man he succeeded is yet to be interred.

What is embarrassing to those who follow the line of reasoning that one God, one fold, one shepherd, is that, these people who parade themselves as pastors of the largest white garment church in the world, Celestial Church of Christ, are audaciously violating the constitution of the church with impunity. Where it becomes a must for you to become a pastor before you can preach the message of salvation, the most sane and wisest thing you can do is to leave the fold and go and float your own church.

Of what use is your ‘pastorship’ when you have just a few people as followers! It is about time that the truth must be spoken to all those eying the seat of the pastor and are eager to usurp the authority of the Holy Spirit which is the wind that directs the sail of CCC.

He’s known as prophet Gabriel Beni Omoge from Akoko and is based in Akure. He had his ordination done last Sunday even against the will of the family of the deceased, Baba Maforikan and some followers. Now, I am not here to tell you who should or who shouldn’t be a pastor but to ask a simple question. Do you need a pulpit to preach the gospel? Do you need the office of a pastor to gather people into God’s kingdom?

I am sure; Celestial has just one pastor just as Nigeria has one president. Any president who does not rule from Aso Rock is not regarded as president.  Enough of the mockery. So, my brothers and sisters, it’s not until we are pastor that we can do pastoral works.  

31 responses to “Prophet Gabriel Beni Omoge Ordained ‘Pastor’ CCC Worldwide (Photos)”

  1. OladitanAA Olusegun says:

    Celestial is a church we all need to keep it fire burning through i & yours unity, purity, understanding what it means to care for one another, purify love, endurance in peace, provision in both di spirit and body and enhance more in our daily spiritual growth through GOD WORD &SERVICE. GOD bless you sir and the entire body of ccc. Thank & bye for now.

  2. Senior Evangelist Kpadonou says:

    My comment on this is ccc Hymns :331. 205.

  3. Sheriff says:

    This z a church God himself has brought to d world, a church DAT will purify d world not a Church DAT will cum practice politics. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my brothers & sisters in Christ let us all follow d rite we all remember dat wen our pastor was been interviewed Rt.Past.S.B.J. Oshoffa.d man asked him saying DAT baba if u are gone who will u put down to replace u as pastor BT papa said wen d tyme cumz d holy spirit will choose. Why CNT we jxt ask God dat who z d peson dat d holy spirit has chosen instead of putting poltics

  4. Olusegun Balogun says:

    They should stop all this rubbish on Omoge being pastor Baba Maforikan through has God has chosen Omoge he said
    “Omoge Omoge what God has said I should I have done it whether you come to meeting or not its between you and God he is the chosen one I mean which pastor will be looking at evangelism only Omoge can Mobiyina do that? he has even done Golden city in his administration there will be many changes by ASE OLODUMARE JESU OLUWA AMIN.

  5. Bro emma says:

    Under emf oshofa 99% of celestial are under him. 1% is under omoge i just see him wasting his time

  6. Mary says:

    Celestial church of christ is not a family post,it is a divine church from heaven.Stop criticizing Rev Beni Omoge cos he is a pastor,he carries God’s anointing on him.Earlier,someone said ‘what is a pastor with few followers?’ My brother,Jesus even said it ‘Many are called but few showed up’ and remember the way to eternal life is narrow.God bless celestial!

  7. Oluwasegun amos says:

    I bliv god ll intervene

  8. T. BY says:

    @Dayo it now that all name mentioned know baba maforikan as a pastor after his death……celestial politics

  9. Destiney fasegha says:

    Guyz enof is enof jare CCC W/W GOLDEN CITY Next program is coming on september 29th to celebrate 70th years of CELETIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST both trutee or ketu or anytin u call yhur slf u her all invited….
    Hallelujah oooo happy palmsunday oo

  10. Destiney says:

    It is possible 4 him nt 2 b dere bcoz it is written in d bible dat let d dead bury dem selm so bro DAPO am very sorry u ve no point

  11. Prophetess bosede says:

    Nothing much to say than God we lead us through in ccc

  12. prophet victor Oladipo, ile- ife osun state says:

    Many people seems not to understand the signs and symbols of is a tradition here in Africa that king don’t do sees death. Omoge was authentically appointed by God, that is why God programmed papa maforikan’s death that way,so that the right king will not a corps, remember it happened. To maforikan as well whe his mother was late,she was burried In his absence,he was so furious, but papa oshofa told him that he should’nt be sad, that he is a king and king don’t see death. Pastor omoge is a choosen leader. God bless you all

  13. Gbemiga Adodo Ebun says:

    The best is for you to retrace your step and come back home to ketu and join hands with the large ccc family,so that we can move ahead together.

  14. prophet Kenny says:

    these isnt the time for the leader to be flight for the post pastor ,because God have already choose the right man for us even Baba maforikan said it before he left this world that God told him and Baba oshoffa told him ,Beni omoge is the right person ,and me as a prophet of God ,I asked from God told me ,Rev Beni omoge is the only right person the order are just deceiving there self and since wen Omoge have been in sit you can see the miracles God has be doing by his hand to people ,let even see what is going on now at celestial goldencity,hope u can all see what is going on there, his there any development at imeko dey are just spent the money for nothing sake, let’s follows the person that God have chooses ,I believed Prophet Beni omoge it we have long life….ijn Amen

  15. Felix O says:

    Old generation Churches and their fighting for position and title. Instead of growing the church of God. No wonder they have remain stagnant for over 30years while the new generation churches are growing in numbers and financially.

    I am really shock am amaze that this still continue in the house of God. No wonder many youth are leaving to Pentecostal churches.

    You all continue to fight on leadership. At times i wonder, do people think leadership is for enjoyment. Mostly wen it has to do with the church. It comes with enormous responsibility for those that understand true church governance. Infact, if really people understand it, they should be crying when they are offer the position and not be happy. It’s obvious many of our church leaders go there for the money and enjoyment and not to work.

    I remember when i was made an exco in the the church. I was on my knees crying an asking God to help me, so i don’t disappoint him, so i can lead his people right. Because, it’s not a position like that of the president. Infact i expect that when people are appointed, they should be saying to the Church, give me time to go an consult God, so they can tell God, if you don’t go with me, i won’t proceed..

    Moses gave all the excuses in this world so he can escape the assignment, Even Jesus was asking God if the cup can pass over him. Those are the people who understand the task ahead.

    The head of all our old generational churches no longer fast nor pray fervently and that is why the churches don’t grow. All they do is fight for position.

    I pray God will one day open their eyes to see better. Remember, David was appointed by God, but it took him years before he ascend the throne. When you read the biography or story of Pastor Adeboye, he wen to pray with his wife to really confirm from God before becoming the pastor of RCCG, no wonder the church grew the way it is now. Remember as at when he took over he was a young pastor with many older pastor before him.

    But because of the understanding he had, he wanted to even run away, but God insisted and today, you can tell the story.

    Enough is Enough. Let people stop fighting for position and title in our old generation churches. Learn from Daddy Adeboye, he stopped at PASTOR title because position don’t take a man to heaven.


  16. prophet samuel oseni says:

    @ Mr dipo,Do you know that before the burial they sent some delegate to majawe do you known the reaction of baba wife and children,and y most they allow pascal to be in charge of the program, my brother am not forcing you on anybody but let be sincere with each other,who is pascal when baba is alive,bible say in the book of proverb 27:12 ”A prudent man foreseeth the evil,and hideth himself,but the simple pass on,and are punished,that is y u cant see them there.

    • Isaac Fap says:

      Prophet, do Celestians need da approval of any Maforikan’s family b4 CCC Pastor is elected? Does da church belong to any family, even Baba Oshoffa’s family?
      I still have a video clip where Baba Oshoffa said da church belongs to GOD.

      What has been da +ve contribution of da Maforikan’s???

  17. prophet samuel oseni says:

    and my brother if you don’t known,let me tell you wot you don’t known or may be you’ve held about it,when baba was still alive do you known pascal declare himself as a pastor,nunayan, sonekan,mobiyan and those who present there,i can say it boldly anywhere they are not in support of baba,after his death now trying to come in,omole Omo baba maforikan ni yio tele awon ti mo daruko yii,the only one who stay with baba and never betray baba if Pastor,Rev omoge. so y are we deceiving ourselves,bible say and ye shall know the truth,and the truth shall make you free.

  18. Dipo says:

    Is not about politics it’s about following the right leader, a leader the deserves to be followed, I know all this people quite well, I may know little or nothing about Omoge, but the rest mentioned in my previous message and we’ll known to me, if Omoge is the heir to the throne of baba MAFORIKAN, then he should be the one to lead the rites at the burial site, that is how baba MAFORIKAN lead the rites when baba Jesse passed away, Omoge should have done everything possible to be there and carry out the rites but as it is now he coward away and claiming pastor from akure does not show him as a sincere leader

  19. prophet samuel oseni says:

    first to Mr Dipo, answer to your question,why Pastor Rev Beni omoge, egbonwon,oseni are not present at majawe,you can’t see them there because if you look at wot happen in majawe everything that happen there is politics, how is it possible for mobiyan to said the grace,no matter how young omoge may be once is the pastor for celestial w/w,mobiyan does not have any right to said thy grace, ibi ti a ba ti pe Lori a ko gbodo fi tele, and all this people you mention a gbodo ba woni idi ibaje,beni won ko gbodo ta Ogun ibi won nitori eniyan kankan,if it’s through you are a true baba maforikan son you and we respect baba decision on pastor issue,let us join our hands together for the progress of the church,when baba maforikan was still alive,who is nunayan, pascal,mobiyan,sonekan,if they want the unity of the church why are they not come to baba by then,after his death some are now trying to coming through the window calling themselves pastor,so my brother you too think about it love you all.

  20. Dipo says:

    I guess this website was built to promote the pastoral ambition of Pro. BENI Omoge, I was at Eleko for baba lying in state, with what I saw there and the calibre of people that surround Pro. Omoge, that was the first time I saw him and am not impressed is with his sermon and carriage, if he is truly the chosen one by baba MAFORIKAN he should have showed up all through the service of songs in Majawe, or even come to UCH, to collect baba body, apart from. That, I was at the burial service and baba’s grave, I did not see any of Pro. Omoge so call executive there at all, because they have became an outcast, is the truth that baba MAFORIKAN ordain Pro. Omoge, but why was he scared to pay the last respect to his mentor and benefactor, Rev.Pastor.Mobiyina Oshoffa, was present, He said the grace both at the service and at the grave site, MsSnr.Apst.Deji Nunayon, gave the sermon, and Rev.Pastor,.Pascal Togbe was the one that did the final burial rite, So the question is, why is Pro. Omoge not on site at all, and why are the likes, of baba egbowon, baba oseni, that are strong members of Omoge cacus which are Ibadan based not present, even the ousted Prophet Shonekan was on sit. So Pro. Omoge is just a pastor at Eleko and his parish in Akure. To us Observer he lets his Sheeps down by not been present.

  21. Evang. Patrick says:

    Pastor Beni Omoge is truly a man of God. Inheritance, age and how long one has in been in Celestial Church does not qualify one to be a Pastor. It is what you do to proclaim the word of God that matters. Please support him or go and float your own church. Pastor Maforikan has appointed him and God has accepted him.

  22. Evang. Iperepolu J.k says:

    I Thank Our Able God Of Celestial For Giving Us A Worthy Leader – REV.BENI OMOGE and i belief that through him, ccc w/w will attain ONENESS and the biblical word of ONE FOLD,ONE SHEPHERD will come to be….with the help of the Holy Spirit – HALLELUYAH

  23. E.T says:

    I really appreciate you all, before saying or writing anything against BABA Maforikan successor, ask the Holy spirit to minister to you, since our great ST. SBJ OSHOFFA, left this World
    nobody reason the future of this great church, instead selfishness spirit occupied their heart until God put it in the heart of late Pastor P.S Maforikan to appoint Rev Beni Omoge as the GOD chosen To pilot the boat to the promise Land which many people went to the late Pastor Maforikan to withdraw his decision, but he told them go and support Prophet Beni Omoge, I don’t want to mention anybody’s name, anything you like to know about Rev Beni Omoge, Baba Beni is ready to welcome you, instead of saying/writing things you’re not sure of
    God bless you

  24. prophet samuel oseni says:

    let us join our hands together and work towards the progress of the church.God is alive.

  25. Evang.Don B says:

    We thank God for a leader like Pst Maforika that choose a man like Pst Beni Omoge to take over from him even when he was still alive. May his soul rest perfectly. This great leader has arrange his house before he departed so who r u to questions the arrangmen of God. I am not surprised sha even Jesus Christ was not accepted in his own town, if u like believe or don’t, God will through him ( Rt Rev pastor G. Beni Omoge )
    unite the church, my prayer 4 the writer is to be alive when this will happen. Long live CCC WW.

  26. PROPHET SAM. says:

    People’s comment here on pastor Rev Ben Omoge about his wearing pastoral garment needs to pray for forgiveness of sins. You cannot judge or having effrontery to judge to truncate the good work our late pastor Legend prophet Paul Maforikan done. Our late Baba had done a divine succession program before his last day. Rev Ben Omoge had been the acting Pastor when our baba was alive. Where were you people when our great legend was alive to question him or truncate the good work of succession program done for the Nigeria diocese international . Look! Let us be reasonable to think on how to move the ministry forward rather than be on the drawback board of no development since 1985 -2016 which is 31 years after the glorious exit of the great legend pastor founder. We need to celebrate achievements, progress $ development in the ministry who can do it had been appointed on succession program of our legend Maforikan. Celestial past pastors had no succession program to appoint acting Pastor. Now, please if anybody or groups have worries about Rev pastor Ben Omoge you are free to contact him he is accessible, humble, a man of reasons, purposeful, sensible accomdating and very loyal to the late legend. These attributes he has enhanced him the acting Pastorial position to lead the ministry to greater heights above any pastors in the ministry. The issue that celestial will have one pastor world wide is a clarion divine assignment with awaiting divine interventions couple with each pastors visible handiwork that people will see, touch, $ proclaim not issues of selfishness and hereditary acclaims putting the 69th years old ministry to history of no good records. Let us accept the great legend succession program of good leadership given to us at celestial church of Christ Nigeria diocese international. May the Lord grant our Baba Maforikan the great legend eternal rest at the bossom of Jesus Christ.

    • Dipo says:

      When the 3 remaining Doyen of Celestial was on a seat at Olubadan estate for the final burial ceremony of Baba MAFORIKAN where was Beni Omoge, why was he not present to lead the service at Baba’s grave? Do you all think of the post is claiming is his will he not be there? Baba MAFORIKAN is not a coward so if Pro. Beni Omoge was not on site at Majawe at Baba grave then is no Pastor, is just an imposter,

    • Isaac Fap says:

      Thx mate my bro. Is it possible for one to share da truth he doesn’t have? 2Timothy 2:15.
      Da succession progress was in Lyn wit da Mind of GOD of CCC.

      And also, by their works & fruits, we shall know dem. Work is telling who is who. Enof is enof 4 all da stories of 1930 & 1947. Let’s move out of ignorance unto knowledge.

  27. Olaitan Agboola says:

    Choosing or Appointing The pastor of celestial is neva by herachy dat is d biggest mistake celestians are making since the demise of Saint Rev.SBJ Oshoffa according to d book of Mathew 7:6-7…the pastor of Celestial W/W is already sitting on d throne to sail d church according to d prophecy of d founder it’s nt d issues of herachy as I earlier mentioned so don’t proclaim an assignment not giving to u from heaven… All false acclaimed pastors here & about should pls put off d garment

  28. Prophet Dare says:

    This is very sad,but it servess the Baba Maforikan right, and more shocker is still coming. if you are a betrayer , you will be betrayed too, what goes around comes around , but this is bad for the church, we should think of heaven, not position. that is the basic reason why the youth must find a way to worship God without impurity, like position and sin.let face the fact, this act of postural office is not to improve the church but to enrich their pocket, God will judge

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