Prophet Gave ‘Bernard Olamilekan’ To A Child On Christening Day- Kemi Onasanya

June 16, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 10 Comments »

This is a message we received from one of the readers of #CNO over the article we posted concerning naming Ceremony in Celestial Church of Christ. It’s shocking but what can we do, the rest of the job is left for our shepherds to look into and do the needful.

This is what she sent to us, “The name given to a child in CCC is very significant really, and its usually picked from the heroes of the Bible followed by the name of God attached to it e.g Emmanuel, Oluwa this and that. It could be Oluwadamilola, Oluwasegun, Temiloluwa, etc then followed by the family name. The “OLUWA” in that name is a mark on the child that he/she belongs to the Lord and that he/she is a covenant child.

I was shocked when I went for a naming ceremony in one CCC Parish that I won’t want to mention its name and the prophet named the child “Bernard Olamilekan” i was like, this is unlike the angels of CCC, and I told the mother ‘you have to seek the face of God again concerning the name of your child, because it matters’.

Many prophets/prophetesses have misled people and changed destinies of these children. I was born into this fold, and I know how the spirit of God moves in CCC. Many just want to wear the 4-corner garment for a mere show…Please shepherds should be careful whom they give these children to name.

The eighth day ceremony is very crucial and significant, because everything said on that day is a future prophecy about the child, and it’s very important to us as parents to be watchful of such events. “Ti wooli o ba si ninu emi to, e ma gbomo fun”

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10 responses to “Prophet Gave ‘Bernard Olamilekan’ To A Child On Christening Day- Kemi Onasanya”

  1. Baruwa sebioluwatidamilare says:

    I have said that when ulwe use our human ways to interprete the tenets we will be having problems
    …..firstly prophets time for spirit revival is 1 on…ojo agbara..u can’t expect nalaika of 1 pm on Friday to work in 12 am midnight of Thursday ..oyatom..evidence was seen in the case of Jacob and the Angel fighting …..time of spirit working in prophets are different .but we neglect it cos some pole claimed they won’t have the chance due to work….must all become prophets….. Until we correct this first ……things will ho abnormal…remember.. Ijo mimo ogbon ori ko lafi da

  2. Bolavoice says:

    Only God can save us all from false prophets/prophetess…even the ones that gave names like Emmanuel n d “Oluwa….. ” some of them too r fake… May God never let’s fall in the hands of the fake ones whenever we need them. amen…

  3. oki Daniel says:

    The parent of the baby should go for special spiritual consultation on new baby name’s.

  4. adelasoye omowumi says:

    celestial church of Christ can never be spoiled,instead d fake prophets & Shepherd will be punished.CCC hymns, gbogbo wa lao duro niwaju oluwa ati ewe ati agba a o si rojo wa ,gbogbo aye lose ti won si kuna ogo re elese oruko Jesu yo gbawa LA.

  5. Olufunmi says:

    Mr jide please be reminded that Holy Spirit speaks all language and interpret them very well also. We have Grace of God as Oreofeoluwa, wonderful of God as iyanuoluwa, blessing of God as Ibukunoluwa, Fullness of Joy as Ayomikun, marvelous, Testimony or witness as Erioluwa , God’s gift as Ebunoluwa, love as ife, praise as iyin, divine, miracle, promise of God and many more.. If an illiterate old woman I mean a pap seller as in iya eleko in osun state could speak English fluently while on trace and whenever she wants to give message it means Celestial Church is divine .

  6. Yomi Newton Mrs says:

    That’s why the sherpherd throw his weight. Olamilekan is oluwamuolamilekansi , shikena Bernard – me I no know o.
    The important thing while naming is for the parents to be in spirit and flow along with God’s direction. I’ve not had any regret having the naming of my children in Celestial Church and the remarkable thing is that the names are so appropriate and Blessed.
    Some messages are given even before the child is born concerning naming and because the truthfulness of the holy spirit ,we would have same names uttered by the prophet who wouldn’t have known the earlier message .
    The modernization of names are quite revealing but we should not be Oblivion to God’s leading. God bless our children ,God heals ourlands and God bless CCC worldwide

  7. Celestial Born says:

    Name and shame these parishes and the Barbaric shepherds trying to tarnish the divine embodiment of this Heavenly Church….kmt!

  8. Imole oluwa says:

    I taught it was only here, could u imagine dat during a naming ceremony, the father of the child met the shepherd and told him that he wants his mother to name his child, the name the mother gave was nothing to right home about. The name was josephine, etewan( meaning nothing) 1 mami water name in calabar, i was like, what am i seeing? is this true, i have never heard such in my life time since i was born to this great fold, God help us all

  9. Jide says:

    Dats serious, but if I may ask wot of those tribes dat dosent use oluwa how wil they name
    Eg portharcourt pple?

  10. OluwatoPraise OBATULA DARLINGTON says:

    Pakaaaams Bernard, Iyen naa nice nau, have hear a gurl given boy’s name on the 8th day, come and hear grumbling.

    4 Corners is a Fashion show especially when the Shepherd is doing FIKARODI with the lady fake Woli.

    Wonders sese bere ni Jare, Bebe nlo in CCC 4Corners Zone.

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