Prophet R@pes Woman After Telling Her His Manhood Can Cure Sickness

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Fake Prophet“The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” A prophet who deceived a woman by telling her that his manhood can cure her sickness has brutally r@ped her.

According to the report, a prophet who boasts of using his manhood as a tool of trade has brutally r@ped a woman who came to him for spiritual help. It was gathered that he told the woman that she was cursed and had goblins in her body.

H-Metro report has it that, Blessing Machowa, 29, was arrested after he reportedly r@ped a church congregant whom he said had goblins in her stomach and could only be removed through the use of his manhood.

He has now been dragged to a Harare magistrate Tendai Mahwe charged with r@pe. He was remanded in custody and was advised to approach the High court for bail application.

He was not asked to plead and will appear back in court on August 2 for trial commencement. We have all kinds of fake prophets everywhere, you members should be careful where you go to for spiritual works because there are sheep in a wolf skin out there looking for who to devour.

The police had earlier gathered that in June this year at around 3.30pm, he called the complainant to visit him at his place. He then instructed the complainant to bring red pepper, blue pen, razor blade, needle and a plain paper which he said he wanted to use to cleanse the evil spirits that were in her.

According to Sebastian Mutizirwa who represented the state, Machowa told the complainant that he had seen some goblins inside her stomach which were put by her brother. He told the victim that he must remove the goblin using his manhood which was causing all the curses in her life. In the process, he forced himself on the woman and r*ped her.

The court heard that the complainant refused since she was still a virgin. It is alleged that the Machowa forcibly grabbed the complainant who was kneeling and pushed her to the ground. As she was on the ground the accused forced himself on the young woman and raped her once. It is alleged that after the act the prophet went on to threaten the young woman telling her that the goblins would kill her if she disclosed to the ordeal to anyone.

The complainant skipped her menstrual cycle and informed the prophet who told her that it was only foam and that it would cause her stomach to grow bigger and not to worry since it was not pregnancy. The court heard that the young woman went to stay with her sister who later discovered that she was pregnant. She was asked by her sister and other church members who was responsible but she could not open up due to fear of the prophet’s threat.

The matter only came to light after a long time of persuasion by her sister and some church members. It is alleged that the sister counselled her and told her that nothing would happen to her before making a police report at ZRP Braeside leading to the arrest of the prophet.

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