Prophet Sangojimi Speaks From ‘War Zone’ In Pretoria…Shut Down Church Over Xenophobic Attack

February 20, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 13 Comments »

Prophet Samson Sangojimi, Shepherd-In-Charge, Celestial Church of Christ, Pretoria 1, South Africa is under serious attack by black South Africans probably because those guys don’t just want Nigerians in their midst. It was obvious the alleged drug case by black South Africans is an indictment to eliminating him and his entire family.

In his hiding place, he was able to send a voice note across to some members of the church.  #CNO got wind of it and we have transcribed it for you darling readers. Enjoy it and send this to as many people as possible.

“Hello everybody, i want to say that by the grace of God we are saved  now but what I witnessed today along with my wife and my kids, has left with no other choice than to harm myself, when I say arm myself I mean, I am going to get a gun even if it means illegal gun. It was only by the grace of God that we are still alive.

They broke into our building, they broke the window of the apartment next door to us, he’s a Cameroonian guy, his wife is heavily pregnant, they robbed another Yoruba man upstairs, they broke into his flat, took his flat screen TV, he had to take cover in the flat of another white lady in our building, they actually used their bare hands to break down the security gate to gain an access or entrance into our building.

Their so called excuse is that they were looking for people selling drugs but these are just criminal people hell-bent on killing people, the look on their faces, I can understand when people say that they survive Boko Haram or ISIS, it’s only by the grace of God that you could hear my voice right now, please pray for us and pray with us. I am sure you are probably asking yourself why did we come to South Africa, We did not expect this because supposedly, we have been living side by side and at peace with these South Africans but there is something inside of them that is so demonic, even a Boko Haram, I don’t believe have this kind hatred.

The look on their faces is something my wife, my kids will never forget, we are so traumatised, we are so angry and we are so afraid right now but like I said pray for us because the gangster that nobody ever saw in me before will show up to the surface right now, I will harm myself all in the name of protecting my family, so please like I said before, pray for us because anything can happen.

We don’t have a car, if I had a car I would have driven myself and my family far away from this neigbouhood. Up until today this neigbougood was considered a safe haven for foreigners, because we have people from all different nationalities here living side by side and at peace but these south Africans are just lazy, hateful, they are full of jealousy and they are so intolerant.

Supposedly, the first thing they did this morning was to burn a house habouring prostitutes and everybody felt ok, justice well served and before you knew it, they moved to another house housing Nigerians, they burnt several places down, you could hear people crying now, a mother was trying to save one of her children over the fence, that boy is in the hospital now, people have lost their personal belongings, what people have worked for all these years went up in smoke today, we have to lock up the church, we are so afraid right now that we can’t even go to grocery shop to buy food or anything and there is service tomorrow, but the work of God will still go on.

But like I said, keep us in your prayer and alert as many people as possible to let them know what is going in South Africa especially the neighborhood called Pretoria West. The police were out in force but to tell you the truth, they are just standing by watching their co South Africans assaulting and attacking foreigners but if we were to take the law into our hands to defend ourselves, they would be quick to retaliate with guns and rubber bullets, it was only the white officers amongst them that actually sprang into action and said this is nonsense, stop attacking the foreigners, the black South Africans Police officers were just standing idly by almost as if they were happy that their fellow Black South Africans were taken law into their own hands.

Please again, I am saying this for the tenth time, keep us in your prayers, because anything can happen, we are all fed up and we are all ready to fight back, any attempt on our properties or our lives or our persons, will result in them dying not us dying, we are not cowards, we didn’t leave Nigeria to come all the way to South Africa to come and surrender to some people that just want to walk all over us. Enough is enough.

Yes there are some Nigerians that are bad apples or whatever, then you select and target those people and those people are not in this neighborhood. Again, we love you, keep us in your prayers, we really hope for and wish for all the best but anything can happen and nothing bad will happen to us.”

The voice Note: Prophet Samson Sangojimiblob:


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13 responses to “Prophet Sangojimi Speaks From ‘War Zone’ In Pretoria…Shut Down Church Over Xenophobic Attack”

  1. ugwu simon says:

    may God of celestial come to ur aid Baba
    its well with you in Jesus Name
    drug pushers are in Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa not only Igbo so don’t let us make mistakes they know who they are hunting for but we all knows that when the sinners re suffering the righteous share out of it , let’s just pray for them God will hear our prayer

  2. L/E/S. Racheal. says:

    Barrister oluwole famakinwa has sincerely said it Hall. South Africa policemen are not like Nigeria Police, that comprises, they know whom to hunt for. Someone like sangojinmi should not locate his church in such environment, so that there will not be a mixup. As celestians we are ambassador of Christ. I will advice the Sheppard to relocate as soon as possible. I learnt that area is like Mushin in Lagos.

  3. Bunmi says:

    It is well God of Celestial will take control

  4. Obaiyanu temi says:

    God of oshofa will surely safe you for those that trust in the lord shall be as mount Zion that can never be removed c.c.c hym bi gbogbo aiye ditemowa wongbodo teriba fun oluwa the battle is of the lord.

  5. Big Sis says:

    Oluso I pray that the God of your father will not depart from you and your family IJN

  6. Sup Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    I visited South Africa some 12 years ago as a guest of the Head of Diocese Superior Evangelist Ogunsola. I was to conduct the Harvest Thanksgiving Service of the National Headquarters in South Africa. I met all the Churcheorkers in their respective Parishes. He took me on a tour of all the Parishes in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Baba Igunshola lived in a very nice suburb of Durban, where I stayed. We also visited a Catholic Hospital for Children infected with HIV to donate food parcels. I found the South Africans to be warm and their women very cheerful and charming. Some of the Nigerians were married to South African women and had children with them.
    The HODs Parish was located in a run down part of Johannesburg. There was however a lot of poverty in the town. This was reflected in the collections in church. Nigerians had no good jobs. I met a man who was a shoe maker. I visited a Nigerian who had a restaurant in Pretoria for a Nigerian meal. In a trip to the Town Centre one afternoon Sup Evangelist Ogunsola pointed out some Nigerians selling fake ID cards and drugs. This was in broad day light. Apparently they were Ibo boys. They were well dressed and affluent. Baba Ogunsola is highly respected in the town and very well connected with the authorities.
    This is why there is resentment. The hosts are very ooor and bearly survive. Then they see a Nigerian on a street corner with gold chain, expensive watches and top of the range cars. Snatching their beautiful women. Their Zulu blood boils. I do not condone violence of any sort.
    I sympathise with Prophet Sangojimi. He was not around when I visited. He must preach against illegal activities by Nigerians and make sure his church is not a haven for drug pushers and criminals. He can still make an official complaint for his suffering to the Police. When it is safe to go out.

  7. Ogunjimi David says:

    God of Celestial will be ur guidance IJN.

  8. Most Snr. Evang.Doherty Oladunjoye. says:

    God will keep you and your family safe in Jesus’ name. The fact still remains that the South Africans don’t like any and every other Nationals. They are just too hostile and troublesome. God will grant you and your family VICTORY in Jesus’ name.

  9. Evangelist Tosin says:

    God shall keep you and your household safe. No evil shall happen to you. Amen. It shall be well with you

  10. Hannah Bukola Coker Omikunle. says:

    The battle is of the Lord. He will see you through.

  11. TT says:

    I sometimes don’t know why Nigerians choose to remain in South Africa.
    I ask myself, why xenophobic attack on Blacks when whites, coloured, Indians, Pakistan’s are not touched

    Superior Evan. Sangojimi, I pray for u this day that God will deliver ur family. But u’ve got a car, that I know for sure and even if u didn’t have, u have members that can rescue u out of Pretoria that’s if u and ur family are no longer safe , u are not in jungle baba

    CNO, out of every rumor, theres an element of truth. As bad as South Africans are, they’ve got good pple , they know themselves, and they know those that sell them drugs, yahoo boys, and they know the difference btw Yoruba and igbo ” I stand to be corrected “. If u don’t sell drugs they out say u sell drugs
    That’s how far we Nigerians have spoilt the South African community all in the name of survival

  12. Serah says:

    God will take control

  13. linda says:

    God will deliever all innocent Nigerians. There is no place like home.

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