Prophet Soyemi’s Advisers Are Not Doing Well- Chris Ogbaisi

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In a recent report of #cno where effort was made by this online news service portal to let Baba Soyemi know that nobody is the enemy of the church and that we should state things the way it is.

One of the members of the church, Alagba Chris A. Ogbaisi has made a contribution where he charged us to dwell no more in advising Baba Soyemi.

His reasons for that are reproduced below;

Alonge! Alonge!! Alonge!!! Leave Daddy wa Soyemi out of this… he is doing well after he has fulfiled his lifetime ambition by being a member of the BOT. A position he openly said he cannot take…hmmm may your loyalty not be tested.

His utterances don’t usually make sense to me because either he talks with arrogance or lacks the content to buttress his point.
Why would any right-thinking human being that is lettered say Trustee is not till death? How come they could not remove Baba Owoduni, and the likes until their death? Why can’t Soyemi read more about Trusteeship Act and its attributes if he cannot research, google is your friend enquire from google. Why come to the public domain to further expose his intellectual deformity.

His advisers are not doing well common! Voluntary retirement, death, mental illness, declared bankruptcy, and conviction as a result of crime are the reasons that can lead to the removal of the Trustees and this also has a process, not just a one-man show. Also, this does not say the chairman has higher right or authority over other members rather decisions can be upheld based on a 2/3 majority. No law of the trustees recognises any Pastor rather it’s an appointment being ratified by the BOT in which the governing rule still operates under the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. CAMA.

On a matter of peace talk, I will not blame Soyemi for his lies to cover up, but rather blame people who sit down to keep accepting deceit and lies as an order of the day. Can’t anybody stand up there and ask why the Pastor finds it so hard to reconcile with all aggrieved members of his team including the oldest BOT members? Why is Pastor finding it difficult to call for peace himself not waiting for the court?

Has Pastor engaged Baba Banjo one-on-one? If yes what is the outcome?
What are his actual motives or what does he stand to gain for allowing litigations to linger on at the detriment of CCC unity?
Since his inception, what has he done or what effort has he made to bring all factions together?
Why is he committing contempt of court; does he think the law is merciful?
Why create problems in other regions/dioceses, especially the Ivory Coast, US, and UK dioceses?

They need to ask him how he will see himself preaching on the pulpit for peace and unity when by his conduct and action do not speak peace.
Why did he have to drag Baba Oshin into this mess is his final phase when the man should be enjoying his old age with native foods.

These are germane questions I expected them to ask him not listening to Soyemi’s rhetorics. I actually do not want to talk about him but rather wait for the court ruling before he receives the better part of the war. He should be preparing for a dark future because he has set this church back for the sake of his ” emi lo kan ” ambition.”

I believe the owner of the church, Jehovah, is ready to take over the work from satanic manipulators. It will happen very soon. Wait for it!


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2 responses to “Prophet Soyemi’s Advisers Are Not Doing Well- Chris Ogbaisi”

  1. Gbenga Jide Oduyemi says:

    Thanks Alagba Chris Ogbaisi for always being straight to the point, learnt that Baba Banjo refused to allow the lawyers to fill comtempt of court against Rev. EMF. He should allow the lawyers to call those power monger to order. I still have the belief that soon God will take control of his church.

  2. Susan says:

    We are waiting for the massive clean up PERMANENTLY. These people need to GOO. Gosh!

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